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Who: Open to All
Where: INSIDE the city.
When: From the 8th until the early morning of the 9th.
Summary: Something hits the barrier, and the entire city ends up in a state of panic.
Warnings: Depends on the players!

"Good morning, Hinoto-Ri! It is now eight in the morning, and time to buckle down for most of the working population! Please work hard for the sake of the city! Thank you! Weather today is more rain in the next hour and more rain until night in all the wards, no exceptions! The rain from the past few days continues to pour and--wait...what's that noise?"

Then came a rumble... )
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Who: Takakage and Saionji (closed log)
Where: Libra Ward, 13th Hour
Summary: Takakage teaches Saionji how to use her persona.
Warnings: small shouty yellow subject, to quote Desco
why do I always stay up to ridiculous hours )

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