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[Are you somewhere in Sagittarius, Scorpio or Libra wards recently? Did you make the mistake of littering, jaywalking, looking shiftless or maybe just walking down the sidewalk at the wrong moment? Well consider yourself beset upon by the city's latest insufferable moron hero! A man dressed in what seems to be a dark red motorcycle clothes is careening on a red racing motorcycle through these wards, long cape flying behind him! On closer inspection, there's a patch in the shape of the letter S sewn to the jacket, as well as painted on the helmet. And if you're causing any sort of infraction, or anything he can perceive as one, he'll be getting in our face. After all, the SOUTHERN GUARDIAN OF THE CITY™ has to work hard to keep the citizens safe!

Seriously. He's going to be suddenly sliding in front of you on his bike just as you attempt to jaywalk, or grabbing your wrist as you're trying to steal a grape at the grocery store, or snatching away that comic book you just bought. It's rotting your brain, citizen!

Who is this mysterious individual? No one can say. Except that there's not too many guys here with Russian accents. Also, Nikolai's been missing from work and his apartment for the last two days. TRIHARDO's a hell of a drug, guys. But stopping him might be harder than you think.]
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Who: Nikolai Volkov and you!
Where: Ichiban Market, Virgo Ward
Summary: TRIHARDO has taken a hold of him and everyone else gets to suffer

[Nik was actually fine with the media's downplay of his involvement in the Virgo monster's defeat. He didn't want to be brought into the limelight. He liked his mostly quiet life and his quiet job as the manager at Ichiban Market.

Except being in that fight got him a face full of those spores, so now he's got a bad case of the try hards.

Feeling compelled to help customers in the store today, Nik's doing more harm than good. He's been knocking over displays, toppling grocery carts, and some how just spreading the mess when trying to clean everything up.

The problem is, he's in charge. No one can tell him to knock it off or go home. Truth be told, some of the employees are even a bit intimidate by him normally. Except today, he's being strangely more apologetic and outwardly frustrated than he's ever been in his life.

If you're out shopping today, look out. He's coming your way. Nik only wants to help! ]

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▼ Evening of the 7th
Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: July 7th
Summary: The Star Festival
Warnings: That depends who is there. Remember to mark your titles clearly if any warnings need to be issued!

▼ A tale of two lovers...
The bamboo leaves rustle,
shaking away in the eaves.
The stars twinkle
on the gold and silver grains of sand.
The five-colour paper strips
I have already written.
The stars twinkle,
they watch us from heaven.

▼ A festival for a growing city
It is perhaps the most classical love story that most of the Hinoto-Ri natives knew about; the story of Orihime, the weaving goddess, and Hikoboshi. Instantly falling in love, the two gods would often forget about their duties to the point of negligence in order to be together, so much so that the other gods forcibly separated them. Crying for each other's comfort, they were allowed to visit each other on the 7th day of the 7th long as it didn't rain.

Today, the sun is high in the air, a small wind making the overall experience not too unpleasant. Clearly it's a time for celebration so the lovers may meet again.

Event Information )
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Who: Tachikoma and Nikolai Volkov
Where: Libra Ward Apartment Complex, Tachikoma's room
When: Saturday morning
Summary: Pixies are introducing Tachikoma to a new friend
Warnings: Tachikoma is oblivious as usual

It took Tachikoma awhile to get use to the concept of sleeping. Usually at the end of the day, she and the other Tachikomas would just get in their recharge stations and shut off for the day while their memories were synchronized. The concept that her human body gets fatigued and needs rest was a bit of surprise to her, but she got the hang of it.

Of course she still doesn't understand some other parts of it. For example, she usually sleeps in the clothes she was wearing that day. She also usually sleeps on top of the bed. It makes it easier to make the bed though, just need to straighten up the covers.

That's why it's a surprise that there a lump covered by the blankets of her bed this morning. She didn't know you could sleep under the covers. Tachikoma makes a note to try that later, for now, she probably should figure out who or what that lump is. And she decides to figure it out by the standard 'poke it' method.

"Hello? Lumpy thing? How'd you get here?"
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▼ A weekend of healing...
Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: May 25th - May 27th
Summary: Two options: Either taken to the hospital to aid their healing, those affected by the strings are suddenly and violently free from their mixed memories. Otherwise, they can stay in their apartment, but they'll need help...
Warnings: That depends who is there. Remember to mark your titles clearly if any warnings need to be issued!

▼ In Leo Ward...
There was not much they could do but observe what was happening, as memories continued to mix between the Visitors, giving them visions of things they would rather not see. The Government did what they could, and offered them a stay at the hospital where, at least, they would be taken care of and less of a danger to others.

What no one expected was that, suddenly, everything would stop. Violently, the Strings snapped back into place, knocking not only the air and energy out of those affected, but damaging their mental state as well.

Left with just lingering small memories of that other person they had shared personal memories with, it would take a few days for everyone to heal.

And yet, some would remember not only that other person but strange little memories as well...perhaps it would be a good time to figure out what those meant with others...

Otherwise, it was going to be a few days of being completely drained of energy, making even using the comp a challenge for tired hands and sore muscles. Many would sleep for a full day, finally enjoying a quiet sleep for the first time in eleven days. For others...well nothing but watching tv and hospital food, one supposes.

But who could have caused this? Perhaps the clues were already in place...

[OOC : Open log for everyone who wants to either be in the hospital or play out somewhere close by.]
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▼ All things change, and we change with them (13th hour & arrival log)
Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: May 8th - May 14th
Summary: This is both a Newcomer log AND a General 13th hour log
Warnings: That depends who is there. Remember to mark your titles clearly if any warnings need to be issued!

▼ When it is darkest, men see the stars...(13th hour)
13th Hour Info )

▼ Ode of the Newcomer
Newcomer Information )

▼ Extra Long OOC Blurb
Make sure you read all of this! )

▼ Quick Links
Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
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Who: Nano Shinonome, Nikolai Volkov, Akane Awakusu, and YOU!
Where: Ichiban Market in the Virgo Ward
When: Saturday and Sunday
Summary: The market is closed for Golden Week, but it's running a lottery promotion on the sidewalk.
Warnings: Gratuitous use of action brackets in a log post.

[The Ichiban Market from Nano's home world always closes every year so that its employees have more time to enjoy Golden Week and to restock the store, but there's also usually some sort of special sidewalk promotion designed to drum up more business when they reopen. Nikolai is the day to day manager, but Nano's stayed on as kind of a consultant since she's from the same world, and so she's spent the past week or so organizing a storefront lottery for the store to get rid of overstocked merchandise and stuff nobody ever buys anyway give away some fabulous prizes and appreciate their customers!

Nano herself is wearing an apron with the store's name on the front, a pair of cosplay cat ears from her other job, and is manning a
Japanese style revolving lottery machine with multicolored marbles corresponding to each prize.  She's joined by store manager Nikolai, wearing his usual business attire, and also their newest employee - a ten year old girl by the name of Akane Awakusu.  She's decked out in a happi coat and a white headband, waving advertisement flyers and handing out promotional packs of tissues to anyone who lingers in front of the store for long enough to listen.  There is a sign set up next to the table they're all standing near announcing the lottery, with big bold text: GRAND PRIZE!  ONE NIGHT TRIP FOR TWO TO THE AMAGI INN!

Anyone is free to step up and try their luck!]

((OOC: To play the lottery, go to, generate a number between 1 and 100, and put it in the header of your tag to find out if your character wins anything.  Please check the thread to see if the number you got has already been taken, and roll again if that's the case.  You can also just show up to talk to Nano, Nikolai, or Akane by putting one of their names in the header.  The only way to find out what the prizes are is to play!))
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Who: Hoshi Takeda and open.
Where: All over the place.
Summary: Yet another arrival log; Hoshi is lost and confused and also sad. 8c
Warnings: None at the moment. Feel free to tag with action brackets rather than prose, if you'd prefer!

and there's no more lies in the darkness )
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Who: Nikolai Volkov, and open~
Where: Scorpio ward
When: the evening of April 6
Summary: Catching fireflies! And he needs some folks to help.

Quest time~ )
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▼ A Little Greenery... (Apartment Log)

Who: EVERYONE (Those without a room can still come visit, if you'd like.)
Summary: Massive Open Apartment Log (March 23rd - 31st)
Warnings: Rooms and stuff? If you start anything that is 16+ and up, PLEASE WARN US.

More info )

▼ Current Master List...
Nikolai Volkov | Pisces 10th floor
Death [Pisces 8-10 (and all over the building)] OPEN
Atoli | Pisces 10-3, but also the other floors of the building | OTA
Earl Ciel Phantomhive [Pisces 10-08] | Open
Hizumi Mizushiro | Pisces 11-3
Masamune Date [Pisces 11-4] | OTA
Noda | Pisces 12-06 and elsewhere | Open
Miyako Hotsuin | Pisces 11-10 + 20th Floor | OPEN
Cloche Leythal Pastalia [Pisces; Floor 10] | OTA
Jun Kurosu [Pisces 7-10 + 20th Floor] | Open
Io Nitta [Pisces 11-06] | OTA
[Yosuke Otoha] [Pisces 10-09] [Open]
[Naoya] [Pisces 7-05 and around both buildings] [Open]
[Tsukasa] [Pisces 11-08 and around both buildings] [Open]
Benjamin Linus | Pisces 6-07 | Open

Zero [Libra] | Open
Haseo [Libra 11-08] | Open!
Aoi Misato | Libra 11-9 and then out and about!
Raimu "Rhyme" Bito | Libra 20th floor | Open!
Shiki Misaki (AU) | Libra 9-03 | OTA
Miyabi Hanakouji | All apartments around Libra 11-05 | OTA
[Neku Sakuraba] [Libra 9-02] [Open]
Avitus [ALL OVER LIBRA (apartment is 11-07)] | OPEN!
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Who: King DeDeDe, the employees of the Penguin's Nest, a whole bunch of succubi and incubi, and YOU
Where: The Penguin's Nest in the Taurus District
Summary: There's a new nightclub in town, and it's having its grand opening tonight
Warnings: This place is an adult entertainment venue, so potentially sex, drugs, alcohol, and things like that. Probably just regular mingling and chatting, though.

There is a house in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun... )

((OOC: The club is open for business! Threadjacking and mingling is encouraged. If there's anything I've missed, or if there's a location you'd like to play in that I haven't made a thread for, feel free to create your own.))
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The ceremony for the unveiling of the Grand Prix memorial goes off without a hitch; it was a small event, in that it wasn't much of an event at all. It took place in the morning and the early afternoon of the 15th. The Mayor showed up to give a speech in honor of the dead, which everyone agreed dragged on for a minute too long. His secretary and the law enforcement were honored once more in what they could do, then they lamented what they could not, and members of the grieving families were allowed front and foremost positions during the whole affair. Security was tight, for fear of retaliation, but nothing came.

The monument itself was elegant in its simplicity: a wall on the outside of the stadium had been put aside for it, the material replaced with something akin to black marble, and the names of all of the deceased listed along its surface. At the top, in the center of the wall was an engraving of a lion, its fangs bared not in hostility, but protection; and just underneath it was Bunrakuken Karube's name, along with his tournament title, praising him as the Invincible Champion of the Persona Grand Prix.

All in all, a rather mundane proceeding, though sobering for the populace. It was broadcasted on the airwaves live, and there was hardly even a hair out of place. The entire city thereafter seemed to be rather quiet that afternoon; the concert revived the life of its crowd, but even the 13th Hour seemed to be less abuzz than normal for the districts away from the music. Though the hour picked up back to its regular pace as the night wore on.

What was really interesting, now, was what happened afterwards. )


Feb. 3rd, 2013 11:17 pm
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The Game is Changed

What: Mictlan
Where: Mictlan
Summary: 2/2/10AC
Warnings: Tentacles and Kandori (not necessarily in that order but thankfully not together)
Note: Only bring one of your characters to the log and if they are fit to go that night. This isn't part of the main event for this month.

And summons read, the great consult began. )
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Conquestum Paradisi

What: Closing Arena Ceremonies, Part 2
Where: Aries Arena & Televised
Summary: 1/24/10AC
Warnings: This could get serious...but who knows.

I sung of Chaos and Eternal Night, Taught by the heav'nly Muse to venture down, The dark descent, and up to reascend... )

Flat view | Latest page
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New Arrivals

Who: Open to Everyone, but only Newly Accepted Characters can start threads.
Where: All around the city! They appear where you want them to appear.
Summary: Newcomers arrive and by now the Government is more ready and sends everyone out to go people hunting.
Warnings: ARRIVALS. Also assume the first thread is the ones who tell you about the city, and the other tags for the character can be talking with others in the city and learning more about it.
Music: This

The sky rained tears, and they poured forth. )

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Who: Nikolai Volkov and YOU!
Where: a small restaurant, most likely Virgo district I guess?
When: 8:00PM, Jan. 12
Summary: it's Nik's birthday but he's treating the rest of you.
Warnings: i sincerely hope none

[This afternoon a blanket message would have went out from Nik to the network. It would have included the address of a typical restaurant in Virgo district - not too cheap but not pricey - inviting everyone out for drinks. He picked a restaurant over a bar so the younger crowd could come and mix as well (and get soda, okay thanks). And the best part - the tab is on him. Not that he's got a ton of money yet, but that's okay just this one time. He hope.

What's the occasion? Nik's turned 29 today. He wouldn't say this via the text, just that an excuse to get out and meet more folks, and maybe folks can talk a bit about this Grand Prix thing. But truth is, he really just doesn't want to sit alone in his apartment and doesn't know a lot of people yet. So it's time to invite everyone at once.

Enjoy yourselves, Hinoto-Ri! Make your own threads and go nuts.]

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The 13th Hour

Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: This week
Summary: This is a General 13th hour log.
Warnings: That depends who is there
Music: This

When it is darkest, men see the stars... )



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