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[OPEN] Maybe someone should call an exterminator...

Who: Agatha Heterodyne, some dingbots, and you
Where: The Pisces apartments, and possibly also the other apartments via the teleporters.
What: Agatha has built herself some small assistants. They've gotten bored and are wandering around unsupervised.
Warnings: Precocious little robots. Potential mutilation of household appliances.
OOC: Let me know in the subject line if you want the Dingbots, Agatha, or both.

[Agatha has been busy since her arrival in Hinoto-Ri. The first order of business was to build a more reliable death ray. But, as she preferred to work with assistants, she'd built a handful of dingbots before she started in on the project.

This is all well and good, but while she is occupied with tests and adjustments on her new gun, the little dingbots decided to make a few new friends. And then those dingbots decided to go exploring.

By the time Agatha looked up, she was facing a single dingbot. The rest of the room is littered with parts and tools, but all the other dingbots are nowhere to be found. ]

Oh, no....

[So, those who live in the Pisces apartments may have noticed the tiny clanks rushing about. They can be found poking around rooms, exploring the greenhouses, and perhaps even trying to be helpful by fixing or improving any small appliances they might find.

If not the clanks, perhaps you might see Agatha, wandering the apartments, peeking around corners, peering into rooms, and checking behind potted plants. She's clearly looking for something. Those with sharp eyes may notice the dingbot in her pocket.]

Ugh, why do they always run off like this?

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