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Monster Fighting Log!

Who: Anyone who wants to
What: Clearing monsters away from the entrance of Mictlan.
Where: Gemini District, near Mictlan
Warnings: Fighting

The area surrounding Mictlan is dangerous all on it's own. The group that went in could use a hand clearing the entrance of monsters. That's where you guys come in. Anyone who wants to can join in to fight some demons. Just use the stats for the demons below and make your own threads. Have fun!



Cockratice (common)
Health: High | Magic: Low
Weak: Fire, Ice, Earth | Absorbs: Wind | Reflects: Mind
|  Deal medium physical damage to all enemies. (Physical)

Poison Breath | 50% chance of Dealing Almighty poison ailment to an enemy group. (not dodgeable due to almighty if caught)

Stone Gaze | 50% chance of dealing petrification (Mind)

Apep (common)

Health: Low | Magic : High
Weak: Fire | Strong: Fire | Immune: Dark
|  Deal medium physical damage to all enemies. (Physical)

Feral Bite  | Medium damage to one target with 60% chance of poison (physical, mind)
Water Coil | High Water and Dark Damage (Water/Dark)


Kinich Ahau (uncommon)
Health: High | Magic : High
Weak: Mind | Immune: Physical, Fire, Water, Dark
Fire Breath |
Deal medium Fire damage to an enemy group.

Stun Bite |  Deal medium physical damage to one enemy. 40% chance of sleep.

Freidyne | Deal medium Nuclear damage to all enemies.
War Cry |  25% (1/4th) chance of Dealing Almighty rage ailment to all enemies. (not dodgeable due to almighty if caught)
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[Bobby can be found near the bottom of the temple stairs, fending off demons with all his might. He doesn't like to summon his Persona- doesn't like the feeling the evoker sends rushing through his body, so overwhelming it often causes him to fall to his knees- but he knows he doesn't have much of a choice. The experimental weapons he got from Agatha aren't enough to fight the demons. He needs the offensive and defensive power of his Kitsune if he wants to live through this.

The grand fox virtually circles around Bobby in a protective manner while they fight, but the Wingbeat attack from one of the Apep demons hits its mark so efficiently that he ends up doubling over, a soft cry of pain escaping him.

Why was he subjecting himself to this again? Oh, right, justice.]
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Don't mind the gunshots; it's just a teenage girl riding in on the top of what looks like a UFO robot of some kind. Oh wait, isn't she that Official Greeter?


Anyway yes she just pumped that Apep full of lead.
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[Oh, he minds the gunshots, alright. He minds them because they're the sort of sound he wouldn't expect to hear in a place like this. One glance upwards tells him enough, though. It's just a girl coming to his rescue. ...Hang on, he knows her.

Now's not the time to reminisce. With the Apep distracted, he lifts his own gun to shoot a blast of fire at the beast. It might just be enough to finish it off.]
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Kotoha considers the situation and makes a few snap judgements as Tesla hovers closer to the ground - she holsters her gun, jumps down to the ground, and summons her Persona, Mitra, to cast a Shield All spell.

"You holding out all right, Detective Fullbright?"
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[He rectifies his stance when Kotoha moves to stand beside him, but doesn't lower the gun in his hand. He can't really afford to let his guard down, even with that peculiar spell that was just cast. He does, however, shoot Kotoha a tired grin.]

Haha, I'm fine! It caught me off guard, that's all. Thanks for jumping in!
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Just to be on the safe side, Kotoha casts a Mediarahan spell before signaling to Tesla. The Magnezone responds with flashing eyes and spinning magnets as it gently inundates the ground with electrical energy. The energy from Electric Terrain prevents sleep - an all-natural buzz that relieves fatigue.

"So why are you still using an Evoker? Weren't you shown how to summon without one?"
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[The Mediarahan spell causes a look of surprise to wash over his features. What with how combat-based his own Persona is, this is his first time experiencing healing magic. It's a little odd. The Magnezone's additional effects are just as odd. Welcome, but odd.

At the question, he ends up pouting and shuffling his feet. If he wasn't holding a gun, he'd be twiddling his fingers together.]

Oh, well... I just thought this was faster. ...Am I not supposed to use the Evoker anymore?

[Honestly, the real reason he needs to use the Evoker in order to summon is a little more complex. It all comes down to efficiency and the proper emotional state necessary to summon a Persona in the first place.]
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"No, you can, it's just...well, if you're carrying a gun an Evoker can get kind of dangerous, you know?"

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Oh, don't worry! I'm a professional. I'd never mix the two up! [Especially now that he's carrying an experimental gun from Agatha, which looks quite different from your average gun.]
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Kotoha shrugs a little.

"Well, if you say so!"

With that, she returns her attention to the Apeps and waves a hand, turning the surrounding area into a sea of flames with a Ragnarok spell.
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[Oooh, impressive. Very impressive. In the meantime, Bobby's kitsune will rush forward to deal a Skull Cracker attack. In the overall it doesn't do much damage, but considering all the blows that have already been dealt to the Apeps, it should give them some more progress.]
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Kotoha pauses for a second to rummage through her bag and draw out what looks like a shard of crystal.

"Let's give this a try! Ancient Warrior, lend me your power!"

A flash of light, and suddenly Kotoha is in a ridiculous costume.

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[...What. There were a few things Bobby was expecting to happen, but this wasn't one of them. He ends up staring at Kotoha with wide eyes.]

Whoah! Uh... Are you sure this is the right time for a wardrobe change?
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While Kotoha is busy freaking out, Tesla is covering for her with lightning all over the place.
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[Whoah! Whoah whoah, that huge magnet creature's kinda going berserk. Should he be worried about that? He'd rather not get struck by lightning any time soon.]

H-hey! Calm down! ...It doesn't look that bad...!
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Kotoha takes several deep breaths, trying to forcibly calm herself down as Tesla continues to drop lightning bolts on any demon that gets too close.

"Okay...okay. I'm dressed like some kind of belly dancer; that's fine, I can handle it. The real question is, did it work?"

Looking down at her suddenly shoeless feet, she wiggles her toes before curling them down and into the dirt beneath them. Closing her eyes, she dismisses Mitra and focuses.

"Gaia! Wind Slash!"

As she channels the power of the Geomancer, the air in front of her turns into a wall of blades and flies toward the demons.

"...huh. Guess it works."