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Clipping the Wings of Night

Who: Open to All
Where: INSIDE the city & the Mictlan
When: From the 9th until the early morning of the 16th.
Summary: A town meeting and temple pillaging
Warnings: Depends on the players!
Music: This one | Map: See the Temple Layout for each level

At Q's Request, Visitors gather near the remains of town hall. The half destroyed stone structure stands with three walls to serve as office, along with one undamaged desk. The situation is dire and serious.

Q is standing looking at a map along with the mayor, his assistant, Isabelle, and the Commissioner General of the Hinoto-Ri Police Force. When they see Visitors arriving, they silently nod, waiting for the time to address them all. There's not much to do, but the place is in shambles, and people are moving all around.

Members of the police and MAGI are slowly carting away pieces of the barrier that had fallen down. Perhaps it would be possible to grab a small, chipped part of it when they aren't looking? Or maybe Visitors can conduct a search in the debris nearby on their own accord...that seems less like stealing.



The Mictlan stands defiant against the reddish moon. The monsters around have become more bold, waiting to attack Visitors as they watch the city rise at night. Thankfully a few police officers have been tasked to aid them in collecting the Plumes of Dusk.

"Are you in teams yet," Q asks, as members of MAGI around him carry containers that will be used to collect the gathered items. Isabelle serves as the mayor's representative, and to count them as Visitors come back from their temple runs. Q is making sure everyone is his own way.

"Don't go in there alone like fools! Make sure you're working at least with someone else. We'll be keeping tabs up here for safety precautions. As soon as you're ready, let's get to work!"

[OOC: Mictlan exploration time yay!

Keep in mind these few things:
▶ Mods as well as our creature mod will be keeping an eye on this post for temple interaction. If you want to deliberately encounter a creature before the mods surprise you with one, simply title of your last tag [ENCOUNTER REQUESTED] so we know!
▶ The full info for the temple is here
▶ You can start threads in any level you want, but keep in mind of what was in the previous levels. Don't start a character in perfect health in Lvl 6 if they are just a newbie persona user and by themselves!
▶ Characters can gather plumes of dusk and whatever else they find around here until the 16th.
▶ If there's a special section that the document says you need to contact a mod, plurk [ profile] pixle so that we can get to you.
▶ We suggest going in numbers to increase chances of survival.
▶ Please have fun!]

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