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Visitor Festival Log (OPEN TO ALL)

Where: Virgo Ward
Summary: Visitor Festival Log! You're all invited!
Warnings: Celebrations

A year might seem so little at first, but for a city like Hinoto-Ri, progress had been steady. And how would it have been without you? Hard to say. Regardless, there were some appreciative people of your hard work, and thus you were warned ahead of time of a little celebration that would be held in your honor, this Friday (FRIDAY! FRIDAY!)

Nothing too outrageous, you had been promised. After all, budgets had to be made and citizens had to be saved. Something more akin to a fun party with friends and the city. An open note sent out to all citizens if they so wanted to join in.

There was quite a turnout! The lure of fun and food drew people from all the wards and words of encouragement and thanks were given to you freely. Maybe because some of them had drank too much sake.

The booths are bustling with activity. There's food for everyone as merchants try to outdo each other with both traditional food and more exotic ones; Corn on the cob, Pumpkins, Yaki Imo (Oven-Roasted Sweet Potatoes), Ramen stands, Falafel, caramelized apples, octopus sausages on sticks...

There are also signup sheets for competitions tonight. While townspeople can join, the big draw is to see the Visitors attempt the typical school festivals, such as the swimsuit competition and the dress competition (for both male and women!).

...yeah maybe they just have a good sense of humor. Which is good! A happy city means, at least, for a little while, people can forget what's happening and maybe the place is going to flourish more with hope.

So hopefully you can show them that by enjoying yourselves!

[Start your own threads and have fun!]

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