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Into the Dragon's Lair

⊙ The Gift of Forever
Who: Open to everyone who wants to go (along with the rescue teams who do not know they are rescuing right now)
Where: The Overworld
Summary: A Call to another world turns into an unexpected reunion and rescue
Warnings: Dragon Warriors
EVENT INFO: Read about it here if you're a newcomer!

The Dragon Quest
It happens in a moment. At first you're sleeping, out in town or tending to a job when you feel something yanking at you, forcefully pulling you out of this moment in time and right into another. For the rest of Hinoto-Ri it will be a simple blink of time. You were there in a minute; the next you are gone, leaving behind no trace.

For you, however, you see colors swirl as you feel the drop of hundreds of meters downwards somewhere you can't quite remember...but feels familiar.

Then it's all gone.

You awaken inside a city that is obviously inspired or could in fact be Egyptian in nature (if you've heard of that style, anyway). Merchants move about in tents and the town's warriors scramble at your arrival, pointing khopesh at you, shouting to get up and explain yourselves.

It is only when they realize you somehow speak their language that they manage to calm down. While still hesitant at some of you and your looks, the town's sultan seems oddly calm about your intrusion, especially when you explain you don't come from this world.

"Then thy mission here is clear. We have met such an individual hence a few weeks ago. However he is long gone from our place, off to search for a way you, I believe." For some reason, the man's speech was riddled with medieval speech patterns despite looking more Egyptian than anything else. "Please enjoy what we have to offer tonight, warriors. The sandstorm is nigh impenetrable, and there are dark energies to it barring passage. Tomorrow thou art free to continue onward, should fair weather greet thee. There are many monsters that haunt the town outside, but their pockets are filled with the golds which make our currency, if thou wish to trade with our merchants."

OOC Info:
(Your characters are currently in a town called Isis, found in the middle of a desert. Currently the sandstorm outside is making it impossible to leave the town for more than a short while away, so you may take this first day to look around, or kill the nearby monsters. Just make sure not to step too far into the sandstorm or you may be lost forever.

The map is here. Isis has the following establishments:
> A Bar which serves ancient Egyptian cuisine. Food is cheap, you should get enough money just by either looking around town for coins buried in the sand (it tends to happen a lot around here) or go fight a few monsters outside.
> Two stores, once which sells bladed weapons, and one which sells simple loin-cloth armor. You will need to defeat some monsters to be able to purchase them however.
> An underground gambling ring (as in it is located underground, part A on that map) where you can watch monsters fight each other and bet based on results. You may earn a lot more money...or lose it all.
> A priestess who gives out fortunes. (You are only allowed to have 1 character per player have their fortune read.)

Feel free to start your own threads anywhere in the city or the land outside! Simply post a new comment below the ones we have posted ourselves, stating if your post is open or closed to certain people.

For now, mingle and have fun. The plot part of this log will start later on.)

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