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Someone knows how to throw a party

Who: Kaguya Houraisan ([personal profile] aeterna_filia), and OPEN
When: Backdated to the evening of Saturday, April 19th
Where: The former Temple of Palutena
Summary: In celebration of setting up her new and improved residence, Kaguya's throwing a housewarming party, and everyone's invited.
Warnings: PG-13 for alcohol?

[She'd set out the video invitation, purchased whatever supplies she though she'd needed, and set up things accordingly. Now all Kaguya really had to do was wait. That was something she was exceptionally good at.

It wasn't until several hours before the party began that she set out the food and drink. So long as Kaguya was present, the food would remain fresh, the drinks would remain cold, and the temperature would remain perfectly comfortable.

In addition to the main rooms being set up for dining and mingling, most of the rest of the temple was open as well, showcasing some of the artistry that had already been present. However, there were some areas that had very obviously recently been decorated in different fashions, and the inner courtyard was in the process of being converted into a most lovely Japanese style garden complete with bonsai, koi ponds, and lanterns.

She herself was dressed up for the occasion, wearing a brand new and very elegant looking kimono. She didn't need to dress up, but she did anyway. She also made a point to greet anyone who walked in through the doors. She always did play a good hostess.]

Welcome, welcome to my new home.

((ooc: So, here's a backdated log for the party because I completely forgot to set it up before! Feel free to mingle amongst yourselves as well as poke at Kaguya!))

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