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Saionji Hiyoko ([personal profile] konpeitoqueen) wrote in [community profile] destinystrings2014-04-30 07:16 am

join 'save the harpy' movement

Where: Anywhere!
Summary: why would you ever give this shit a persona and let her run free during the 13th hour
When: 13th Hour
Warnings: Saionji's potential to swear and insult people (Saionji should be a warning in herself, tbh.)

[So. What did you expect to see today on the 13th Hour? Some muck left over from the Aries Boss Battle? Just another day hunting demons? Well... you might mistake her for a screaming demon at first, but when you come close enough, you can notice that the yelling is coming from a new Visitor.

Saionji's rushing down the road with a speed she shouldn't possess, howling incoherently and being chased by this thing. With her being half its size, she obviously doesn't stand too much of a chance.

You might also see her slip up and run right into dead end. Ah, fuck.]

...WAAAAAAH! Is this what Yomi is like?! SOMEONE HELP ME!

[Really a screeching harpy. As it backs her into a corner, though- it's about to swing its club down on her, before a big burst of light throws it off course for a moment. How convenient.]

I art thou... thou art I... dancer of Izumo and bringer of arts, I am Izumo-no-Okuni.

Attack it! Get that thing away from me!

[Best way to treat your Persona, Saionji.]

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