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goddammit takakage

Who: Takakage and Kotoha
When: Backdated to the evening of June 7th
Where: Aquarius and Leo Wards
Summary: Kotoha forcibly hauls Takakage to the hospital for a checkup.

Night began falling gently, draping vivid colours above the clouds in preparation for dusk. The Aquarius Ward was bustling - it was dismissal time for most students, and teenagers streamed enthusiastically out of school gates in anticipation of returning home.

Takakage was preparing to leave, too. The head librarian had cut three hours off today. While he had protested, she insisted that he went back and had some rest. But he was quite used to such schedules already - back in his homeland, he much more duties to devote himself to. Coming here actually gave him more breathing room.

He deliberately lingered in the library for a good half hour after dismissal time, but his attempt was noticed and foiled by the head librarian's watchful gaze. She made him pack up and stuffed a satchel of something into his bag - he didn't have time to find out what it was.

While he was clearing away all the books on his desk, his COMP buzzed with an incoming message. Who could it be?
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The answer: Kotoha of the terrifying cheerfulness.

"Hey Takakage, there was something - why are you still at work."
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Kotoha's voice takes on a tone of steely determination.

"Right. You're going to go outside, sit on the steps, and wait. If you try to run I'll find you."
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Kotoha arrives flying in on the back of a giant moth. As it draws in, she jumps nimbly down and strides over to Takakage, inspecting him with a discerning eye.

"Right. Let's go."
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"Hospital. C'mon."

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Kotoha considers that for a long moment before nodding.

"That's fine - we'll escort you, then."

With that, she releases two more Pokemon, who each take up positions nearby, forming a loose triangle around Takakage as Kotoha mounts up on Solar Logos.
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"Yes. Okay, everyone, take off!"

And it is now time to fly over to the hospital.
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It doesn't take long to arrive - although perhaps a bit longer than originally planned, but what can you do? Once Kotoha's landed and recalled most of her Pokemon, she walks over to Takakage.

"Okay, put your Persona away; it takes effort to keep one summoned and you look like you're about to fall on your face."
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Kotoha's answer is as instant as it is heated.

"If you were fine we wouldn't be here, ninny."

And with that, she marches into the hospital.

Don't hang back, Takakage.
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Inside, Kotoha is already talking to a receptionist.

"Yes, that's him behind me. Just a normal checkup."
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The receptionist taps a few keys on her computer and addresses the pair.

"Dr. Takeo is free right now. Third floor, door's open. I've already sent him a message."

Kotoha nods, thanks her, and drags Takakage to the elevators.
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Kotoha sticks her head inside the room and has a quick conversation before turning to Takakage.

"Alright, you go in, have a chat with the nice doctor, and I'll be waiting out here when you're done."
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Outside, Kotoha releases Tomoe and uses the Samurott as a makeshift pillow as she waits for Takakage to come out.

Just a girl and her giant horned sea lion, no big deal.
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As Kotoha stands up, she absently returns Tomoe to her Pokeball before reaching out and delicately plucking the note from Takakage and unfolding it.
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Kotoha looks it over, frowning thoughtfully.

"Bad handwriting, but from what I can make need to eat better, get some sleep, and relax."

The unsaid corollary - 'like I told you before' - is pointed.