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e x o r c i s m

Who: Characters who signed up here.
Where: Outside the dome, Pluto Zone
Summary: It's angel hunting time.

Not for the first time, the desolate silence of the Pluto Zone was disturbed.

People manifested upon the arid plain - six individuals within a latent rune circle that had spontaneously flared into existence. A few carried equipment, which they carried towards the gleaming golden tree upon the horizon. One youth directed the others, and together the group set up several devices in a wide circle upon the Angels' roost. Once they were all in place, the leader turned towards his companions.

"It seems that everything is ready." Flynn spread his arms, indicating the seven monitoring arrays which they had put into place. "I hope you all are."

He inhaled deeply, pressing a button upon his Gauntlet. There is a brief burst of static, and a mechanical dragon appears by his side.

"We begin."

Fafnir roared and opened its maw, forming a glittering orb of light between its jaws. A moment later the orb elongated into a spear of golden light, and the demon fired its Grand Tack at the branch which connected one cocoon to the tree -

- a flash of light flared into existence, accompanied by the sound of crystal shattering. Four voices began speaking in unison, the sound sending chills down everyone's spine.

Foolish filth who dare desecrate our slumber - perish before the power of us heralds bearing the might of God himself!

[ ooc: this is the log for the angel hunting plot! characters are divided into teams of two, and they each face one angel. once three angels have been defeated, their leader will reveal itself. the battles will be hard, but they will not be impossible to win. do you best, everyone! ]
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Well, this could have gone better. Agatha had hoped to be able to just...walk up and headbutt the tree to death or something like that. Living plant bane and all.

She's so getting yelled at later, and she knows it. Grounded for a month. Oh well.

Time to make with the fire, since she's not much of a front-line fighter. Hopefully she'll be able to get in a question or two...or at least just grump at the damn thing.
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Well... it's not the first time he's ended up in some strange otherworldly plane, at least. Kanji's staying close to Agatha, here, trying to keep between her and it.

...Whatever it is.

Some quick Persona hits, too, firing off a few well-targeted blasts: not going to bust out the big guns (or his own guns) for the moment, wanting to judge whether magic or physical attacks are going to do the most damage here.
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[Akihiko isn't thrilled with any hierarchy that has to violently threaten its subjects with pain and death to get its way. And there has to be a better way of fixing the problem than just obliterating Hinoto-Ri. They can't let these angels throw their weight around.

Having lived and explored the Tower of Animus, he's experienced similar situations: rooms morphing and never appearing as what they truly are. He doesn't know whether or not they're in Hinoto-Ri or someplace else, only that this is the battlefield.

The boxer eyes his partner.]

Ready when you are.
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[Unlike Akihiko, Bro isn't entirely familiar with environment changes of the literal sense. He's traveled through an assortment of odd and dangerous battlefields within the Medium, sure, but they always remained constant. The fact that this one could change adds a possible element of surprise he doesn't trust. Aside from that, the fact that it's nothing but a white plain means there's nothing at all in his surroundings to be used to his advantage. It all comes down to himself, his Persona and his sword. ...And his partner, of course.

Bro isn't much of a team player, but he can cooperate and take advantage of his partner's strengths if necessary.

He draws his katana and prepares to summon his Persona, because this showdown is about to get on its way. One angel smackdown, coming right up.]

Let's do this thing.
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Takakage's voice sounds in both Bro and Akihiko's heads.

Hello? Can you hear me? I'm Takakage. The CommLink seems to be working.

Raphael is relatively easy to analyze. I can't pinpoint its weakness yet, but currently it is preparing some form of powerful magic attack. If you have anyone amongst you who can shield, it's best to put it up now.

From the data, it is probably a magic-reliant angel.
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[Hearing Takakage's voice takes him back a bit to the days of scaling Tartarus, when Fuuka would relay information to them from afar. His persona must have a similar ability, judging by the context of the conversation.]

I don't have any shields, but I can weaken his attack a little. What about you, Strider?
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[There's a voice in his h- Oh, it's just Takakage. Well, that's not weird or anything. Nope. He'll just keep standing there with his katana raised.]

Shields? Hell no! Who needs defense when you've got a good offense? We've just gotta pack some serious heat before that thing gets a chance to cast... whatever the hell it's casting. [...It probably doesn't work like that, but okay.]
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There's someone here who has a very strong interest in kicking Gabriel's ass. Garuda and Behemoth are already out to block for both of them, as is Coyote. Naoya looks over at Flynn, waiting to see what he'll do. In the meantime, he has Coyote do a Weakness Scan. Might as well make use of it while he can. The first attack will probably hurt, but he has to see just how much.
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Flynn does not react to Gabriel's words, instead swapping out Fafnir for Sraosha. He commands the demon to shield, and places his hands together. A blue light begins to emit from between his fingers.

Vishnu appears by his side as well, casting a buffing spell.
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"Try lightning." As for himself, he switches out his Persona. Coyote disappears, and Naoya laughs as Thanatos rises behind him and shoots forward with a roar. Garuda screeches and launches himself towards Gabriel as well, claws ready to inflict more than just physical damage. Behemoth roars, blue light appearing around them in order to help them make critical hits their next turn - at least on physical attacks.
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Flynn snaps his fingers and lightning explodes from his hands, thousands of fine strands arcing across and towards the Angel. Vishnu quickly heals Flynn and Sraosha's status ailments, but the Salvation doesn't work on Naoya. Sraosha mimicks it's master and casts Ziodyne as well.

"We can't shield. Brace yourself!"
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Naoya growls in frustration as the ice assaults him and his demons. Behemoth roars in frustration - he's supposed to be immune to ice! There's a beat before Naoya looks up, hair hanging down in front of his face so he peeks through his bangs. He takes a few steps forward before breaking out into a fit of laughter.

"Haha... hahaha! Gabriel... not the Gabriel as I know, but still one nonetheless. Hear me, you foolish servant of a cruel and despotic God! You will not take this place into your shadow of tyranny! Not as long as I still stand - and I will come back, even if you strike me down. Not today, not tomorrow, but I will find you and I will rip you limb from limb!"

As he speaks, he gathers energy in his hands, before shoving it at the angel in a giant explosion. Behemoth prepares himself to guard for them, and Garuda casts a Mediarahan. It won't help Naoya, but everyone else needs healing, too.
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Flynn's reaction is surprisingly calm compared to Naoya's. He simply starts charging again, and swaps Sraosha out for Alice. The demon girl giggles and spreads her arms wide, casting a buffing spekk - all while grinning with absolutely no regard for her safety.

Vishnu guards them with a cast of Tetraja, waiting.
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There is some mental static before the CommLink stabilizes and Takakage's voice makes it through.

Flynn! Naoya! The urgency in his voice is evident. Gabriel can heal itself if it takes too much damage. It's going to be hard... but I suggest you two try and tank it through!

The angel is enraged, but its form is not complete yet. The demon data and Flynn's experience suggests that it will not be fully aware of its status unless it is significantly damaged. It doesn't have enough power to fall the whole team in one hit.

I can try and shield you from this distance, but it might not be reliable.
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[Naoya sends his demons back to his COMP, listening carefully to Takakage's message.]

I can shield us from physical attack.

Much as he hates taking the passive role in this fight, it's the wiser choice. "Fine."

He steps back and casts a Shield All on himself and Flynn's party.
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Flynn groans and buckles half-over, but he still has enough energy left to summon his Persona. White Isabeau appears beside him in a vague praying position. Light flares from her hands, and Vishnu stirs. The deity rises slowly, casting Salvation to heal both itself and the party.

Alice giggles, stepping forward and snapping her fingers. A dark aura begins to form in her hands, as well as over Gabriel.
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Naoya casts it again, wobbling slightly. He needs to heal but he has no way of doing so. Even still, he has no intention of simply lying down and taking it. If he can provide an opening for Flynn and his demons, perhaps they can take advantage of it.

"What a pathetic creature you are! You were driven from your home and forced to find a new world to plunder. This world has no need of creatures like you. Begone!"
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Flynn instructs Alice to buff them again, while he jumps forward to land a hit on the angel. While it seems completely counterintuitive, just one touch of his sword against Gabriel produces a black mark on the angel's body.

Vishnu tries to heal everyone, but the effect is not enough just yet.
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"Pest I may be, but your so-called 'holy crusade' ends here, foolish creature."

Finally he can heal. It means giving up a turn of shielding, but he needs it. He casts Mediarahan over himself and the rest of the party.