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Witty Title I Can't Think Of Goes Here

Who: Lea and Madoka
Where: Somewhere in Virgo
Summary: Lea is still cheesed he has to get a job. Madoka is out being inevitably adorable. Their paths cross and Lea can't help but make conversation with short adorable person. Because that's what he does.
Warnings: May cause cavities.

Lea was really starting to get exasperated with this job thing. The food allowance they were given was sufficient, but didn't really leave much leeway for frivolous spending at all. Not that Lea was a big shopper, but as the type of person who always left himself an out, and then an out for that out, he didn't like the pressure of an extremely limited budget. It had been so easy before: all he had to do was take out two or three dozen Heartless and they were set for a while. Here, the options were all so... mundane. The closest Lea had ever gotten to a normal job was when he'd babysat for the neighbors' kids back in Radiant Garden, and after having spent so much time in the Organization, the idea of adhering to more orthodox means of employment just kind of made his toes curl.

But he had to figure something out. Especially if they were going to do something about larger lodging accommodations, he wasn't about to let Xion be the only one pulling her weight. Lea might have been lazy, but he had a lot more pride than that.

Nibbling absently on half a crepe he'd picked up at a nearby stall, he scrolled through a list of open job positions on the COMP glasses, leaning against the side of the building. He'd stopped feeling silly in them and drawing in the air to use them--everyone here did it, and so despite his insatiable need to maintain an image that was slightly cooler than he may have actually been at any time, making silly pantomime gestures in the air had stopped being anything to be abashed about.

The snow on the ground was kind of a nice change, though. It had been a while since he'd seen snow, and the brisk air was refreshing. The fact that the monsters around the city had grown increasingly more numerous over the past week, coupled with how early it got dark these days, meant that his free time to jobhunt was severely stunted. Even now, the sunlight was already beginning to wane, and he glanced away from the classifieds for a moment when a light flurry of snowflakes drifted down from above. Snowing again?

He smiled to himself, reaching back to tug his hood up. Well, at least he could look forward to teasing Roxas and Xion about being thin-blooded for another evening.