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002 | ❝Okay who left the window open on a cold night...❞

Who: [au1] Aqua and [au2] Lea
Where: Pisces Apartments to Nyx's Nightclub
Summary: Aqua has to go to her job (technically last weekend), she ends up having a friend walk along with her....

She'd been going out alone late at night often, lately. Really, at some point she should have expected someone to notice how she was talking long "walks" that tended to last well after the 13th Hour (Though thinking on it, shouldn't it be the 25th Hour? Eh, details~) on weekend nights. Normally in some long coat she ended up buying not long after her accepting the job and her black hat. Really, not suspicious at all. Especially with it close to being 1C out tonight, the coat was necessary!

So as she tried to sneak out of Pisces unnoticed, she looked briefly to see if anyone was actually still up and about. Seeing no one in the common area, she ducked out the door without casting Vanish like she normally did (even when she did, it wasn't always effective unless during that strange time between...weird). Though, she could still sense someone nearby. Someone rather familiar, now that she got used to sensing his heart as well.

Oh, dear.
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Lea had never really had much of an issue with cold weather--one of the perks of wielding fire, he supposed--but even he had to admit it was pretty damn cold tonight. He was glad he'd bought a scarf, at least; he didn't make a habit of looking for trouble, but he couldn't deny his curiosity about the night life in this place. And he didn't mean clubs, either. The monsters and malevolent spirits in this world were fascinating, both familiar in their handful of similarities to the Heartless and completely foreign all at once.

Tonight, however, it seemed other things were afoot. As Aqua quietly exited the building into the cold night air, Lea lifted his head, eyes flashing in the shadow of the building where he stood. Now where in the world was she headed at this hour?

Stepping casually out into the slanted light the streetlamps cast on the sidewalk, Lea tugged his scarf down away from his mouth and lifted his eyebrows inquiringly.

"Bit late for a constitutional," he said mildly, not blocking her path but making it obvious he meant to delay her, if only long enough for a quick Q&A.
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"Do you, now?" Well that was intriguing. "Mind if I ask whereabout?"

It was mostly out of curiosity. He knew Aqua was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, so he figured if she had taken a night job she was comfortable with the potential hazards of getting there. He found himself wondering, though, just what sort of job she had. Lea couldn't see Aqua punching a register any more than he could envision himself with such a mundane job; if she had found gainful employment in this place, though, he had to figure there was hope he could find something too.
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"Makeup?" He chuckled and gave her a bit of a puzzled look. "No offense, but you didn't really strike me as the makeup-wearing type." He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly then, frowning. "Actually, while it's on the table, I was wondering if I could ask your advice, on this particular subject."

Lea really hated asking for advice--he was the mentor, the guardian, the one who was supposed to have the answers, and while he could certainly respect Aqua as an equal he still hated to have to defer to anyone.

"Er." He realized he hadn't specified which subject. "Jobs. Not makeup," he laughed, pressing a fingertip against his cheek where the tattoos used to be. "I'm all for a little dramatic eyeliner, I guess, but I was actually wondering how you managed to find a job that didn't just bore you to tears."

Talk about being overqualified for just about anything thrown your way--Lea was an assassin and an adept mage; he couldn't imagine asking people if they wanted fries with that, but he'd really never had to look for a job before.