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Who: Riku ([personal profile] dreamprotector) and Lea ([personal profile] travelsthefarthest)
Where: Idek, where ever they find a private place for a chat? |Da It's backdated to the 11/19 though
Summary: Riku returns from a walk. Lea happens to stumble across him. Time for alternate verse talks, clearly!
Warnings: Spoiler for KH 3D probably? Otherwise just two closet-dorks dorking together

[After days and days of endless rain, it's finally... well, not sunny, but at least dry again for once. Riku for his part is taking advantage of that for a little evening stroll - Zorya has been getting restless lately (not that he blames her... but he can't exactly let her stay by his side during the broad daylight - most people do not consider large tigers to be cute. At least not primarily.) and with how much colder it has become, he isn't all that likely to run into other people in the park.

A smile flickers over his face as he watches Zorya stretch herself, while Highwind flutters around her head, chirping cheerfully. An hour later, he is heading back again - this time with Veles hopping next to his feet - overall feeling very much at peace.

It's the uneventful ending of the uneventful evening of an uneventful day.

It's definitely not too bad, he thinks as he climbs up the stairs back to his apartment in the Pieces ward. It's far from home, but... it's not too bad either.]