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A New Power! The Ultimate Persona Appears!?

Who: Kotoha and Fumi
Where: Leo Ward, outside JP's Hinoto-Ri Branch
Summary: Kotoha and Fumi fight a dude and get MORE POWER.

Another day at JP's is over, and Kotoha has managed to talk Fumi into patrolling with her - for the past few days she's been trying to chase down a particularly elusive demon, and she could use Fumi's scanning abilities to drag it out into the open. Kotoha's got her full loadout ready for tonight - samurai helmet, Golden Mantis Charm, tac vest, stun baton, heavy jeans.

She's developed a habit of overpreparation.

"You picked anything up yet?"
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[Fumi's Persona doesn't actually have Enemy Radar, but like attracts like, and the Dementor she uses as her Velvet Room Persona seems to be drawn toward a certain cluster of buildings. Behind them, specifically. The hooded figure turns to Fumi, gesturing in the appropriate direction.]

...This way.
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And now we wait.

[Something Fumi is entirely content to do.]
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It certainly couldn't hurt.

[Fumi's seen enough shit in her time that she has no qualms whatsoever about a teenager like Kotoha having a gun.]
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Well, look at you.

[Fumi smirks as the demon comes around the corner, immediately commanding her Dementor to hit it with a Sabotage+. Let's start this off right. The cloaked figure emits a dark, choking mist, surrounding the demon with it briefly before returning to Fumi's side.]

Be on your guard, Kotoha.
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One at a time, but yes.

[Fumi nods, dismissing the Dementor for the time being and calling out her Soul Persona, Vapula. The griffon-headed lion's eyes light up as it eyes the demon, and after a moment Kotoha will have her answer.]

It's immune to lightning. If you'd like me to continue, it will likely take some time. A demon this powerful is sure to have several such resistances.

(ooc: If you want to run the demon's action on each turn, that's fine with me.)
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Let's try something else.

[Vapula's eyes begin glowing in a different color for a moment as it continues to scan the demon. In the meantime, Fumi takes out her COMP and activates its summoning program. She's leaving her own demons dormant for the time being in favor of her Persona, but synchronizing for the effects of her passive Null Phys is certainly worth the time and effort.]

...Weak to Light.
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[Although Fumi is unharmed, she doesn't like the fact that she's the current target of the demon's attention. Anticipating another physical strike, she switches Personas, hoping to head that off at the pass, as the Dementor also nulls Physical. She unleashes another powerful mental assault, but sadly the numbers are not on her side this time, and the Ongyo-ki is unaffected.]

...Not enough. This isn't enough.
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[While the creature is staggered, Fumi regroups and tries an attack of her own. Unfortunately, the demon is completely unaffected a second time by the Dementor's assault, and Fumi scowls.]

It appears to be immune to Dark.

[And now it's the demon's turn. Having shaken off the earlier assault and become rather tired of Fumi's efforts, it raises its weapon, calling down a huge bolt of lightning to strike the scientist directly. Fumi lets out a yell, cursing her decision to switch Personas. Vapula would have simply absorbed that, but as it is, she takes the full brunt.]
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[And it's back to Vapula, because at least he absorbs lightning.]

This... is very irritating.

[So it's time to run some interference here. Vapula once again makes with the glowy eyes, and this time what looks to be glowing code shoots out of them and toward the demon.]

...Baby steps, I suppose. It's at least able to be affected by lightning now, if that matters to you at all.
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[Well, that hurt like hell. Fumi spits up some blood as the full force of the Ongyo-ki's attack collides with her, and she falls to her knees. And that would be the end of things, if not for what happens next.]

I am thou, and thou art I...

[Vapula's voice speaks into her head, warping and shifting as its form begins to destabilize. By the time it speaks the next line, Kotoha can hear it as well. All of what follows happens in seconds, somehow.]

From the sea of thy soul, I come.

[The griffon-headed lion eventually transforms into an entirely new figure altogether - a wise man clad in robes and jewels, riding atop a camel.]

I am Paimon, one of the nine Kings of Hell and most loyal of Lucifer's servants. Thou who hast compelled my presence, let us unlock the mysteries of the universe.

[And suddenly, they're right back in combat time. Fumi wastes no time in commanding this new Persona. Questions can come later.]


[Her voice is weak and her breathing labored, but the air around her shimmers as her form goes translucent. Let's see Ongyo-ki deal with that.]
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[Fumi's finished taking chances. From the relative safety of her phantasmal protection, she synchronizes her COMP and casts a Mediarahan to heal herself, Kotoha, and the Pokemon in one fell swoop.]

...Thank you, Kotoha.

[And then she turns to look at the demon again.]

So, what's yours capable of?
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Not so tough now, are you.

[Fumi smirks, unleashing a torrent of lightning against its weakened defenses.]
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[One more time with the lightning. It's the last round of the demon's decreased defense, after all, and it's all Fumi's got that can hurt it for the moment.]

Just die already.
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[And while the beast is stunned, Fumi takes full advantage of the extra turn. Dismissing her newly evolved Soul Persona for the time being, she calls back the Dementor. Finally able to give this thing the one-two punch she's been waiting for, she sends it forward to envelop Ongyo-ki and drain its soul - first by removing its Dark resistance and then with a Mudoon spell while it's down. All that remains afterward is a pile of Macca where it once stood.]
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Ah, that's Macca. I can find a use for it. At the very least, my demons will want it.


I should make a point of using them more.
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[Fumi rolls up the sleeve of her jacket, exposing an interesting looking watch - an odd fusion between steampunk tech and more modern computerized fare.]

I'm not sure, but I'll find out.
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It is. Agatha and I developed it together. It's a wrist-mounted monitoring device that continually records and remotely transmits all of my vitals to a centralized data bank.
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No. It would have been my fault too.

[Fumi is more irritated than afraid right now.]
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Pouting over it isn't going to change what happened. If you want to be stronger, then work harder. I'll be doing the same. The important thing is to learn from setbacks and use them to grow.

[As close to a pep talk as Fumi gets.]
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There you go. Worrying and frowning really don't suit you.

[Fumi cracks a smile.]

Yes, that would be an acceptable arrangement.