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> Lost.

Where: Anywhere in the streets during the 13th hour, basically. (Yes I'm uncreative, I know orz)
Summary: Someone please teach Takakage how to use an Evoker.
Warnings: None of the triggering variety. However there will be stuff that are 'lost in translation', due to his native language lacking many words for modern inventions.


... this was definitely not a dream.

Darkened skies, eerie lights, angular buildings... and biting winds starkly different from that of Chugoku. What had happened? This defied all previous experience, whether firsthand or secondhand through his reading... was this a devious ambush? Or the work of something that transcended human limits? What happened to his home, then? The last thing he remembered was retiring to his room for the night. Was everyone at home alright? Had they been attacked too?

Question after question flared into existence, each one amalgamating with the others into a swirl of anxiety and worry. Takakage allowed them to rampage for a few moments more before his rational thoughts kicked in and forced them to the back of his mind.

Panicking won't do any good in such a situation. What would your father think, seeing you lose your control like this?

Taking a deep breath, he tried to still the tremors in his hands. He seemed to have passed out by the roadside - at least his book and sword were still with him. If he had lost them, it would be beyond a severe blow. After all, not only were they treasures to him, they were also his method of defending himself against... whoever set this whole ordeal up.

That is, if it was even set up in the first place. So many questions...

He picked himself up from the floor and retrieved his items, all the while keeping watch. There was no telling what may leap out at him at any moment -

- and something did leap out, as expected. There was a faint whoosh from behind him - the youth turned sharply, wincing mentally at the sudden movement - just in time to block a downward slash that would have severed him clean in half.

What was this... cat-headed creature? He had never seen anything like it.

Neverthless, it was definitely hostile - the creature quickly stepped back from their weapon lock, aiming for another opening. Takakage leapt backwards and out of range, raising his book and summoning a geyser that spouted from the floor beneath his target. The creature howled, momentarily disoriented - and he took the chance to press his advance, slashing right and left before ending with a tornado flurry of pages.

His target was down, but more of its kind had arrived. Two other cat-headed creatures appeared in place of their fallen comrade. This posed a significantly larger challenge, seeing that he knew nothing about their abilities...

... well, best foot forward.

The youth parried a strike from both creatures in succession, using the movement to fire bursts of water left and right. Their claws came very close once or twice - too close, in fact - but the rhythm of their combat swung him out of range just in time. It somehow reminded him of fighting in his father's campaigns at home -

- but these creatures weren't human. His intuition deemed it, so he need not hold back.

Carefully timing alternate strikes from his sword and book, he stunned the two creatures enough for him to position five water spheres directly behind them. They exploded a moment later with a resounding boom.

The creatures... they seemed to have... disintegrated? How strange...
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Of course, after Flynn appeared, Jonathan's been taking extra care in staying out during the 13th Hour- which means, he's a lot more enthusiastic than usual when a beep meaning a new arrival shows up on the COMP. It's a bit of a stretch, since it could be anyone, but hey, this world works in strange ways. There's only so many places that can get isolated from the rest of the world without going weird.

...Unfortunately, he hears the boom before anything else, and his first instinct is that's a demon attack. Quickly picking up the pace and keeping Lailah by his side, Jonathan just barely catches the remnants of water falling on the ground before turning the corner.

The stranger seems to be standing upright, still, which is good. He's not anyone recognizable, but- "Excuse me! Are you alright?"
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He can tell it's another realm, which is a good thing. Firstly, though... "Thank Heavens you're alright, then. It's the 13th Hour now- demons are everywhere in the city."

Moving on. "This is a city called Hinoto-Ri. People from many different worlds arrive here, all gifted with the ability to call forth Personas. We've been called here to help its situation."

'Situation' being left intentionally vague, in this case. Which... kinda reminds Jonathan- if the man hasn't awakened his Persona, what was that sound, then? Did he have other powers? "...By the by, have you awakened your Persona yet?"
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"That term?"

The demons learned not to approach Takakage, which was a good thing- not that Jonathan knows that. "Do you mean Personas?" Most likely, seeing Jonathan had to stare at people for a few moments before going oh. Persona. Yeah. Maybe it was same for this stranger too?

"If so... Personas are... physical manifestation of our souls, so to speak. They do possess supernatural powers, though, and it would be for the behoof of yourself to summon them." Jonathan has an Evoker now, but it's probably not a good time to talk about that before he understands what a Persona even is.

"I have my own Persona. I could show you, if you'd like."
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"Only those who were brought here from different worlds. Do you remember the figure you saw before arriving? Our Personas were bequeathed by him." His name is... Philemon, if Jonathan's little visit to the Velvet Room doesn't betray his memory.

In any case, Jonathan stands back a bit, leaving a space between him an Takakage- and pulls out his Evoker. He is aware that Takakage probably knows what a gun is, though eventually, he himself did end up using it ('it's either this or getting yourself nearly killed.' 'okay okay fine'). Pressing it again his head, he makes sure Takakage is watching, and while not really registering an expression, pulls the trigger.

"Moon Rabbit!"

For a Persona, it's kinda cute. Hopefully, its... small size would make the whole process look far less terrifying. "This is an Evoker. It may share the features of a gun, but don't worry, it's far from fatal."
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Oh, well, so he does know what a gun is. Kind of.

...Conjurors? Muskets? Whatever mystic object that translated the words for them must've only just settled into Takakage's head, then- a bit like Jonathan as well. Except, it's a bit hard to mistake 'Evoker' for 'Conjurer'. Their meanings are only slightly similar!

"Most who use Evokers don't carry real guns," Jonathan says, hoping that the message will get through anyway. (He's seen Walter and Flynn use those things. The results of a mishap like that is just as gory as what they both think.)

The other does introduce himself, though. "My name is Jonathan. It's nice to meet you."

One thing, though. "We should get to a safe place soon."
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It ok

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"The housing areas has protective spells set up to keep demons at bay. You most likely either live in the Libra or Pisces block."

And yes, indeed, fighting cat-headed creatures is the norm. A bit too much, in fact. "Cat-headed creatures... I'd assume they were demons. They are commonplace, in fact. At the 13th Hour- which is, by the way, true to its namesake- the sky turns red, and hostile demons begin to appear." Jonathan still isn't good at explaining things, mostly because they were never quite explained to anyone.

"There's quite a lot to know. We should get going, though. Save the rest of your questions till we get to safety." Because- Jonathan's actually been keeping an eye on Lailah, though, and she seems to be getting restless. Whatever Takakage did helped to drive off the demons for a generous amount of time, but it seems to be wearing off.

He doesn't exactly count on a Thunderbird flying out right at him from behind after a brief flash of lightning, though.
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That was out of nowhere.

Of course, after how smoothly everything's been going, he has to gape for a while after turning around and seeing a flying demon, air around it still crackling with energy. He doesn't find any time to waste anymore, unfortunately- he shouldn't have been doing that in the middle of the 13th Hour anyway. "Lailah, Bufula!"

She follows his command, before the electric demon swerves out of the way of the ice and sends a lighting strike right at her wings. "Drat the luck- Zandyne!" At least it seemed to be dented by Takakage's... whatever that was, so the Zandyne should take it out-

-If it stayed in range. Unfortunately, the Thunderbird seems to be focused on Takakage now, probably for payback. It rushes past the wind attack and recklessly releases a Ziodyne on Takakage's direction, watch out! He still might have time to dodge-
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Jonathan doesn't take kindly to that. Not at all.

"Get away from him!" If Takakage's still conscious, he might notice Jonathan tapping on his Gauntlet, before a figure cloaked in black brandishing a wheel of fire materialized next to him. Note to self- keep them out next time he encounters other people during the 13th Hour. He may also notice a blast of fire from said creature.

Jonathan certainly manages to Zandyne it away now, the force's speed contorting its body before whisking it far away. Before long, the word 'Diarama' is uttered, and the Throne turns to Takakage and casts that one healing spell.

Jonathan's expression is... pretty readable, in the sense that he looks fucking angry.
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"You're not still stunned, are you?" Paralyzed, stunned, that's what he meant. Now that Jonathan knew he didn't... take very well to lightning, though (or maybe Jonathan is just too used to getting zapped, for better or for worse), that makes the situation a lot more tense.

The Throne hovering near him doesn't seem to be relaxing, either. "No, it's far from your fault. I should've kept a closer eye on our surroundings." But before they attempt to out-polite each other or something to that extent- "Yes, we should."

In a world full of random encounter demons, it isn't easy, though. Especially since Takakage is just a civilian, and probably doesn't want to get struck again... Jonathan always slips up when he's nervous. That just makes his worry worse.

"We should be reaching a station before long-" And because your players hate you at that moment, Jonathan cuts himself off and sends a Bufudyne maybe a bit too close to Takakage's side to try to fend off a horde of Raijuu. Demons pick up on weaknesses fast.

The demons mentioned are also pretty fast in motion, and he doesn't succeed in getting rid of all of them at once. Literal creatures of thunder, Takakage, this is bad-
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You know, Takakage, after the experience from just now, you probably should know making a water whip is everything but a good idea.

The moment it touches a Raijuu, someone is going to enter a world of pain. Which is most likely going to happen, seeing the sheer number of them- Jonathan gets his Persona, Moon Rabbit, to use Bash on a few to get them to move away, but it probably isn't going to work for long.

"Watch out!" Jesus, Takakage! The Throne decimates as much as possible, too. "Hide behind my demons!"

Or, stupidly throw yourself into danger. Your choice.
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What was that? Needle shot? Except... with water? So, he really did have power over water.

That could prove useful. They can pick up the macca later- this isn't the end, after all. Jonathan kinda- no, definitely recognizes the figures rushing at them, many a good times larger than the Raijuu. Uh, whoops-

"Nues! Shoot them with the spell you used again!" They're weak against gun, right? He normally doesn't encounter demon hordes half this bad... what a day.

(There was a legend that said the samurai Minamoto no Yorimasa shot a dead Nue. Maybe Takakage might know.) The demons adapt quickly, and since they've already realized Takakage is affiliated with water, one of them might be deciding that targeting him first would be a good idea. Especially since he could shoot those projectiles from water.

Wilders are a fast race, and one pounces at the each of them, as if to herd them into one place. Jonathan easily Zandynes his away, almost not noticing another headed towards Takakage, but it's not like he can react in time-!
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...That was a lot more dramatic than his Persona awakening.

The Nues began to dissipate after that- those who didn't get the message was dealt with a lot more swiftly than before. Maybe Takakage getting his Persona calmed Jonathan's nerves a bit. Something to that extent.

"That was close." No shit, Sherlock. Throne begins collecting fire in its wheels more quickly- the demons are thick in the air tonight. Looking around at the carnage... Jonathan can forget about the macca, they need to get to safety first. As in, for real this time. He can't really ask Takakage if he's okay, because time is too tight, and they actually need to haul ass to get to safety without another attack.

(Why can't he have an Estoma Sword spell now...)

They are close enough to the train station to reach it in silence, though. That Persona... looks like an actual animal (gasp). "Your home should be in either the Libra and Pisces Ward... I could help you see. From now on, we shouldn't be attacked by any more demons."

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"You can look it up on your COMP." Since he has a Gauntlet himself, it's a lot less foreign a device as it could've been! That's one good thing about this mess, then.

In any case- yes, about the COMP. "That's a device that reaches you once you arrive in Hinoto-Ri. I think they're located in the ear. They can be activated on thought alone." Jonathan's used to it already- two twin glasses suddenly pop out in front of his eyes.

"It can be quite jarring at first," he says, retracting them. As for how they can read your minds... uh, let's leave that for the nonce now and on. "Now you can try."
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"Yes. This is a train station- a train is a mode of transport for civilians, if you're not familiar."

Coming from a half-medieval canon means you're much more open to the notion that people really might not know shit. It would've been really nice for someone to run all this through with Jonathan... so he's not going to leave Takakage in the dark. "We can take a train from here to the Pisces apartment. I'll show you the way, then?"
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Technology is two parts horrifying, and two parts great. Trains are great. They're so convenient! Takakage should meet Shura. They can argue over what magatamas means.

Jonathan ends up dragging bringing Takakage to the train, leading straight to the Pisces apartment. "It may seem befuddling, but the maps of the trains and all their stops are relatively easy to understand."
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"Oh, it's nothing. You're welcome, though."

Again, sympathetic to people not from modern-style worlds. That helps with his patience- though he already has a lot (and not any at all, at the same time). "It's best to get some rest now."

"...You are alright now, I hope?"
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"I don't mind. I'm not too busy as of now, so it's alright."

He's still trying to get used to Hinoto-Ri, honestly.
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"Good-bye for now, then. I hope to see you again soon."