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The Soul Still Burns, Part One

Who: Sarah and Open
Where: Hinoto-Ri
Summary: Sarah is hunting. God Eaters work best in packs.
Warnings: Sarah's powers are really gross.

Shortly after the group of volunteers is spirited away to find McGonagall, Sarah puts a brief message on the Visitor Network.

"Found signs of Susano'O during the 13th Hour. Beginning extermination operations tonight. Backup appreciated."

Later that night, she suits up in full combat regalia and heads out, looking for trouble.

Feel like being backup?
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Roger. Be there in a second.

[A second after she hangs up there is a familiar poof sound behind Sarah.]
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[Misfit is thankfully able to get it together to bounce out of the way in time. She reappears beside Sarah.]

That thing came out of nowhere. What is it?
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I assume we need to thrash it then. You can still hit something even if you can't see it right?
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Cool. Follow my lead, I figured out an awesome combat strategy.

[Misfit vanishes in her usual cloud of smoke reappearing right in front of the monster. As soon as she lands she teleports again this time reappearing a few feet to the left of the creature. She does this several more times before bouncing back to Sarah.]

It's a smoke screen. Hit it now.
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[With her big trick used up there's only one thing left to do, summon her persona.]

Zelus, come out. Twin shot at both its claws.
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[Misfit walks a bit closer to the now still monster, making sure to stay behind Sarah.]

Is it dead already?
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[Misfit has her eyes closed for this part. SHe'll never get used to that.]

Is it done yet?
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Does that not normally happen?

[Misfit takes off her cape, not wanting to touch the thing with her bare hands and moves toward it to get a closer look.]
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Yeah, why is there that much blood?

Also what do you mean compatible?
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Flynn sends a brief text to Sarah a few hours after the message is posted.

I will join you tonight.

Later, as the sky turns red overhead, Flynn arrives punctually at Sarah's door.
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In a contrast to the heavily armed Sarah, Flynn is dressed only on his Samurai uniform, with his sword belted to his waist. A a demon, he did not have much need for weaponry - his own magic was usually enough.

"Flynn." He gives his name quietly. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance."
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Flynn follows Sarah wordlessly, listening intently to what she said. Resistance to fire, ice, and electricity... Thunder Reign was one of his two main offensive spells. That meant he has to change strategy.

"I am mostly a spell user, specializing in Almighty and Electric magic. Though I suppose their resistance would mean relying more on the former. I can buff and heal as well."

A pause.

"Do these Aragami heal themselves?" If so, Branding them would seal that ability.
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Flynn nodded again. He couldn't think of anything to reply, so he kept quiet instead.

Sarah seemed to have found the trail of one. As a precaution, he summoned Isabeau to walk by his side. While he might appear to be relaxed and at ease, the youth was in fact paying acute attention to his surroundings. He could sense powerful demons, but Aragami didn't necessarily fall under that category. He had to be careful.
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Flynn expressed a very faint hint of surprise at Sarah firing her... God Arc, but it quickly fades and he follows her around the corner. Seeing Sarah dash forward, he followed her as well, in sheathing his blade and striking the Susano'o. Due to his lack of strength it dealt minimal damage, but what was more important was the glowing Brand that appeared where he had hit it. The insignia was of a circle wit a diagonal slash cut through it, and it pulsed an eerie blood red.

He jumped back immediately after the strike, well aware of the monster's dozen teeth.
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Flynn nodded again, moving away from the Aragami. An iridescent orb of light was forming in his hands - colours swirled and crackled on its shifting surface - and after it reached roughly the size of a football he hurled it straight at their opponent.

The orb struck the Susano'o's face and detonated, exploding in a burst of multicoloured light.

The samurai himself shielded his eyes, waiting for Antichthon's radiant discharge to clear off before deciding what to do next.
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There is a pause before Flynn responded - and even then he simply looked at Sarah with an expectant gaze.

What now?
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Flynn watched Sarah's Arc devour their adversary's corpse without flinching. (It's not like this is the first time he's seen this sort of thing.)

After a while, he does speak.

"How many of these do you intend to kill...?"
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"... I assume you will require me to accompany you for all twenty... or do you have another arrangement?"

He speaks after a slow blink, voice still calm and quiet. It's not like he minds.
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Flynn shrugs after a few moments. "I have seen worse." After witnessing a whole room of people getting devoured by a vicious demon... nothing else seems gory anymore.

Or it could be because he just isn't surprised.
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we can hand wave the end of the thread if you wanna

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Flynn shrugs.

"You choose. I do not have any other obligations tonight."

He really doesn't seem to have a preference.