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Who: Sarah and Open
Where: Hinoto-Ri
Summary: It's time for the final meal.
Warnings: Still the same as before.

The message Sarah leaves on the Network is much shorter this time.

"Last time. Tsukuyomi."

And with that, she signs off. Time to eat.
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Who: Sarah and OPEN
When: 13th Hour
Summary: Still hunting, but now there's a reason.
Warnings: Same as before.
Red in tooth and claw... )
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Who: Sarah and Open
Where: Hinoto-Ri
Summary: Sarah is hunting. God Eaters work best in packs.
Warnings: Sarah's powers are really gross.

They call us the Dogs of Fenrir for a reason... )
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Who: Open
Where: The Knight Academy, Aquarius district
Summary: Open enrollment for Hinoto-Ri's first Superhero group as well as general Q & A for anyone who wants to join or use the academy.

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice )
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Who: Everyone signed up here!
Where: It's a secret to everybody.
When: February 14th-16th
Summary: The most terrible romantic day of the year has arrived!
Warnings: Lingerie and fluff

You awaken in a dark room.

...To the sound of giggling.

"Ohmygosh, they're finally awake!" The shrill voice elicits an uncontrollable wince of pain; as the lights flicker on, the wince is liable to evolve into a full-on expression of abject horror. Everything is pink. The bed is pink. The walls are pink. The flower petals are pink. The confetti and streamers are pink. The enormous scented candles strewn about everywhere are pink.

............The tight briefs and/or lingerie that may or may not be on your body in place of your own underwear are pink (You do get to keep your clothing, so this part is optional if you don't want to play it - your characters can wake up in their normal bedclothes or day clothes if you like. However, if your characters do wake up in sexy underwear or their PJs, their normal clothes will be in a nearby dresser.)

Before you have too much time to consider exactly what's going on, the voice sounds again.

"We are going to have so much fun! We just knew the two of you would be perfect together. No connection to the outside world whatsoever! No need to thank us! Now, we'll just be here in the corner and you two can just... oh, you know!"

The fairy blushes and sighs longingly.

"OK! Good luck!"

'The two of you'? What t --

Right about then, you realize someone else is in bed next to you.

[The event has begun! Please refer to this post to see how things will go. If you prefer not to have fairies directly involved, they will very generously allow you a little time ~alone~ if you ask, though they will return. Otherwise, they will be scribbling notes, drawing and narrating your "steamy romance" (romance may not be as steamy as implied). Characters can attack the fairies all they like, but it will have no effect, as they're projecting themselves in with magic while they watch from the safety of their little pixie laptops.

Remember that you control the fairies and what they say. We've created an npc account [personal profile] pixielove and you can find the password here, so have fun! You're free to use the account or not at your discretion.

Additionally, for the 14th to the 15th at night, anyone stuck together will not be able to contact the outside world. Don't worry, the fairies will let everyone know you're safe!]
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Who: Misfit and OTA. second part closed to Misfit and Sarah Snowdon
Where: The streets of Hinoto-Ri
Summary: Misfit is out trying to recruit people to join her superhero team, and she wants you.
Warnings: None
Super-cut )


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Who: Sébastien and OPEN
Where: Leo ward
Summary: Sébastien arrives in Hinoto-Ri on a cold evening.
Warnings: None so far?
Premier mouvement )
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Who: Sam Erstwhile and YOU. The second part is closed to Desco, Johnny Rayflo, and Yosuke Otoha.
Where: Taurus district, then Desco's apartment.
Summary: Sam Erstwhile realizes its his birthday and ponders what being 21 really means. Then, finally making a decision as to where to live.
Warnings: None at the moment!

by the way i don't want a cake, it's tacky )

is wanting a bed to sleep in as a gift for my birthday that bad? )
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Who: Misfit and OTA
Where: The Libra ward at night on the 22nd
Summary: Misfit arrives in the city and starts patrolling
Warnings: No warnings

Dark Vengeance )

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