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Who: Hitoshura and YOU!
Where: Capricorn and Pisces
Summary: Shura is suddenly cursed with lots of love

She loves demons, but not quite like that )
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▼ Let's go!

Who: The chosen five (Sora (AU3), Latooni, Elzam, Fumi and Xellos)
Where: Taurus Ward
Summary: Boss Battle in Taurus Ward Underground
Warnings: Boss Battle

The hunt begins... )
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▼ The Darkening Days

Who: Everyone. This is a general catch-all Taurus Event log. If you would like to do your own separate logs either due to pacing or easier loading, by all means, please do so!
Where: The Entire City
Summary: The last days of the Taurus event as things start to sour dramatically. During the 13th hour, Mutation Skills are unlocked for certain people (see the info post here) and now people have a chance against the swarming mechanized bulls. Unfortunately, for some, this means the paranoia hit a new low....if you want, you can get together and join each other's posts to try to hold the city down and protect everyone!
Warnings: Strange Attitudes, NPCs, Attacking, Battles.
Note: Please mark your post with what date they are happening. We are allowing anywhere from the 23th to future-dating to the 26th itself. Go on and have fun!

▼ The nights grow weary and a pattern seems to be forming...(days until the 26th)
We put our trust in this theory )

▼ The day of reckoning...(April 26th, before the 13th Hour)
And yet, we were deceived by our own blindness. )

▼ The Hour at Hand...(April 26th, 13th Hour)
And the sky turned Red, the earth splitting as hellish creatures rose... )
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Who: Latooni Suvota and Open
Where: The small forest in Capricorn during the 13th Hour
Summary: Latooni practices with her new Persona and attempts to figure out what advantage Skogsra has in her "home turf"
Warnings: Naked tree girl Persona
Can't see the trees for the forest. )
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WHO: Orihime Inoue, OPEN
WHAT: A super awesome montage myriad of scenes in which Orihime learns the ropes about this weird new world.
WHEN: Varies (see the notes below)
WHERE: Anywhere and everywhere!
NOTES: So this is essentially how I (and by extension Orihime) learn some of the basic game mechanics, like how to summon/use Personas, things in other districts to be aware of, etc. Anyone willing to provide a sort of mentor for showing Orihime the ropes will receive so much love and gratitude both ICly and OOCly, because we need all the help we can get! This can also serve as just a basic way to garner some much-needed CR, or as a set-up for the upcoming Taurus event (Orihime is a Virgo for what that's worth). Feel free to PM or IM me if you want to plot something out first, or feel free to just wing it. I'm up for almost anything! The date on any and all threads is very flexible, so anything from Feb. 2013 to today is fair game. Third-person prose and [action brackets] are both fine!

Use the control pad to move. Press A to talk to people or pick up items. )

(OOC: I'm also still pretty awkward/new about this, so feel free to tell me if I need to edit anything!)
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Who: Nano Shinonome and YOU
Where: All over Hinoto-Ri
Summary: Nano has the most inconvenient robotic attachments ever.
Warnings: Most likely none!  Also, action bracket format because YOLO.

[Nano has clearly been in town for far too long without anything terrible happening with her robotic attachments for no reason in public.  It's really a miracle she's made it this long.  Which is why today, she's running around the streets of Hinoto-Ri in a complete panic, waving her arms around frantically as she tears through the streets.  Onlookers will likely notice that her right hand is missing completely, and she seems to be staring up at the skyline looking for something during the times when she stops to catch her breath.]

No...!  Come back!

[It's not entirely clear what she's screaming at, but it's probably pretty easy to figure out.  Nano's self-propelled hand is rocketing its way all through the city.  Sometimes it collides with a piece of scenery before bouncing off and flying in a completely different direction.  Particularly unlucky people might actually get rocket-punched themselves while it's shooting all over the place.  And of course, whenever she starts to get close, Nano herself will come running up, panting for breath and holding up the stump.]

P-please...!  Help... h-hand...

[This is so embarrassing.]
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Who: Zero & OPEN
Where: Sagittarius Ward, mainly
Summary: Zero tasks himself with defense of the city during the 13th Hour. He wasn't expecting old ghosts to persist in chasing him here so soon, but maybe he should have.
Warnings: Base level of violence dealing with constructs, up to who is there really.

One is the same and yet different )

Should you be anywhere around the Sagittarius Ward tonight during the 13th Hour, some new monsters have appeared to assault the city... except they don't seem to be interested in you. They trudge or fly along as if searching for something, or someone. Attacking them will cause a response in kind should you decide to bother them. Otherwise, they move toward an unspecified location that changes through the hour, where they find their eventual target: A lone warrior.

Click here to view the Enemy Roster for this engagement. )

There's a section for characters getting caught up in the battle alongside Zero, and a section for those that want to pre-emptively attack the enemy forces. Have fun!
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Who: Misery, OPEN.
Where: All around Hinoto-Ri; 13th Hour
Summary: Misery is out and about, killing critters and generally letting off stress. There sure are a lot of new things lately...
Warnings: Extreme monster violence. And, well, Misery.

Is that Misery warning joke old yet? )
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Who: Gale and OPEN
Where: Pisces, Scorpio and the tram lines between, then OUT OF HINOTO-RI
Summary: After the Anoli speech and the governmental censorship of Yosuke's post, Gale decides it's time he goes to see what's out there for himself.
Warnings: We are so breaking the law here.

Good thing Gale has CommLink )
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Who: Ruri Hoshino + open
Where: Cancer (morning), Virgo (Afternoon) and Leo (evening) districts
When: The morning of the 22nd
Warnings: None of note

Just because you aren't paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you )
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Who: Open to all of Hinoto-Ri (NPCs included)
Where: Amagi Inn in Scorpio District
Summary: It's the Grand Opening of the Amagi Inn! Time to relax and take what services you can get!
Warnings: If you haven't seen springs. Just. Hot springs.
Welcome! )

I, Lovebot

Feb. 14th, 2013 05:18 am
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Who: Cupidman, and all of Hinoto-Ri!
Where: Literally anywhere you want. Note the location in your comment!
Summary: Valentine's Day Shenanigans of Ridiculous Caliber
Warnings: Mind-alteration, ludicrous amounts of sap
Love is in the air, but not how you would expect... )
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New Arrivals

Who: Open to Everyone, but only Newly Accepted Characters can start threads.
Where: All around the city! They appear where you want them to appear.
Summary: Newcomers arrive and by now the Government is more ready and sends everyone out to go people hunting.
Warnings: ARRIVALS. Also assume the first thread is the ones who tell you about the city, and the other tags for the character can be talking with others in the city and learning more about it.

The sky rained tears, and they poured forth. )
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The 13th Hour

Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: This week
Summary: This is a General 13th hour log.
Warnings: That depends who is there
Music: This

When it is darkest, men see the stars... )
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Who: Nano Shinonome and YOU!
Where: Virgo District
Summary: Nano's out shopping and singing embarrassing songs
Warnings: None

She's not a Vocaloid, but she has a nice voice anyway )
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Who: Mitsuru Kirijo and OPEN
Where: All around Cancer and Virgo districts
Summary: Christmas shopping, basically. More like Mitsuru failing at Christmas shopping.
Warnings: NOPE

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock~ )
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Who: Pitto. Open!
Where: Capricorn. Afternoon.
Summary: An angel must always be prepared! And so Pit is practicing on his entry lines.
Warnings: Corn.

What was that about? )
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Who: Yosuke Hanamura and you!
Where: Any city districts, late afternoon
Summary: So it's snowing everywhere!! You know what that means right? (And if you don't, Yosuke will quickly teach you.) Yes, that's right. Snowball fight. He will be instigating pretty much anyone with a snowball to the back. Character reactions ensue!
Warnings: Snowball violence?

This can only end badly. )
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Who: Shura, a bunch of friends and you?
Where: Growlanser Arcade, Cancer Ward. Will later move to the Taurus Ward.
Summary: Shura celebrates her birthday with friends and strangers alike.
Warnings: Taurus Ward, underage(?) drinking, Nyx's Club




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