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Who: Guybrush, OPEN.
Where: Virgo District.
Summary: Screw Animus. The true terror of February is holiday exploitation.
Warnings: Lovey dovey stuff.
It'd probably just be easier to make her dinner, Guybrush. )


Feb. 3rd, 2013 11:17 pm
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The Game is Changed

What: Mictlan
Where: Mictlan
Summary: 2/2/10AC
Warnings: Tentacles and Kandori (not necessarily in that order but thankfully not together)
Note: Only bring one of your characters to the log and if they are fit to go that night. This isn't part of the main event for this month.

And summons read, the great consult began. )
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Farewell Happy Fields!

What: Aftermath of Anoli Attack: Hospital
Where: Leo Ward - Caduceus Hospital Headquarters
Summary: It is the aftermath of the Anoli attack on the Closing Ceremonies. The injured have been taken to Caduceus Hospital Headquarters, and it is time for reflection, visting, or old-fashioned escapes from the hospital rooms.
Warnings: Mild squick if people want to describe their wounds in explicit detail.

And bam! The shine's off the apple! )
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Conquestum Paradisi

What: Closing Arena Ceremonies, Part 2
Where: Aries Arena & Televised
Summary: 1/24/10AC
Warnings: This could get serious...but who knows.

I sung of Chaos and Eternal Night, Taught by the heav'nly Muse to venture down, The dark descent, and up to reascend... )

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Persona Grand Prix 10AC

Who: Tournament Fighters and those who wish to watch them.
Where: Aries Arena & Televised
Summary: 1/16-1/22. Days of non-stop shooting and Persona battles! Players decide when the fight takes place.
Warnings: D-D-DUELS!

Let's get it on! )

Hitoshura | Masamune Date -VS- Link | Mordred
Neku Sakuraba | Yu Narukami -VS- Eikichi Mishina | Nyaruko
Yosuke Otoha | Dark Pit -VS- Shas'la T'au Kais | Anant
Daichi Shijima | Akihiko Sanada -VS- Kaito Watari | Miki Sanada
Cloche | Ginia Rosentia -VS- Haseo | Terra
Meetra Surik | Sasha Fyer -VS- Aoi Misato | Atoli
Sora | Yosuke Hanamura -VS- Atsuro Kihara | Minato Arisato
Misery | Pit -VS- Desco | Aqua
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The 13th Hour

Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: This week
Summary: This is a General 13th hour log.
Warnings: That depends who is there
Music: This

When it is darkest, men see the stars... )
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Who: Mahiro Yasaka, anyone
Where: Varies
Summary: Resolution: job hunting!

Professor at Miskatonic? Pay sucks. )
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Where: The Square in Scorpio Ward
When: Begins 00:00 New Years!
Summary: Anant and his Persona Dionysus throw a wine party! Mingle, have fun, and watch out for the drinks, some of them are spiked...
Warnings: Alcohol, so expect some silliness in this log. All of the silliness.

Delve into the revelry within... )
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Who: Guybrush Threepwood, OPEN
Where: Virgo District
Summary: Guybrush is sporting an odd fashion accessory today. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Warnings: There's a monkey in your pocket and it's stealing all your change.
Its stare is cold and glassy; I suspect that it's deranged. )
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Who: Yu Narukami, and everyone and anyone and all the things.
Where: Virgo, Aquarius, and Taurus Districts; any given week.
Summary: Yu's still working his three jobs to help save up for an apartment. And now it's almost Christmas time... you can pretty much guess how this goes.
Warnings: Crossdressing antics.

[Christmas time again... never mind it had only been a few months ago for Yu. He didn't want to think much about what happened before last Christmas, so... well...]

The Ladies Love a Working Man? )
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Who: Guybrush Threepwood with El Pollo Diablo, open.
Where: Pretty much damn well everywhere in the city.
Summary: Guybrush, we're pretty sure this is a gross abuse of your Persona's abilities.
Warnings: Treasure hunting without logic or sense.
Mad LootzE )
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Who: Open to Everyone, but only Newly Accepted Characters can start threads.
Where: All around the city, anywhere from the 5th to the 20th.
Summary: Newcomers arrive and by now the Government is more ready and sends everyone out to go people hunting.
Warnings: ARRIVALS. Also assume the first thread is the ones who tell you about the city, and the other tags for the character can be talking with others in the city and learning more about it.

The sky rained tears, and they poured forth. )
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Who: EVERYONE who is in the Scorpio Event and not doing the boss battle.
Where: The Entire City
Summary: 13th hour. The Perfect Link's Mutation Skill is unlocked and now people have a chance against the swarming Scorpions. Unfortunately, for some, this just means the paranoia hit a new low....you can group and join each other's posts and try to hold the city down and protect everyone!
Warnings: NPCs, Attacking, Battles.

And the sky turned Red, the earth splitting as hellish creatures rose... )
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Who: Guybrush, and Others.
Where: Prompt A: In his apartment. Prompt B: Any given place around town, but especially Sagittarius and Virgo
Summary: Guybrush Threepwood, Jumpy Pirate.
Warnings: Connected to the Scorpio event.
Isn't he dangerous enough to be around when relaxed? )



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