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Who: Xion and open to errybody
Where: Xion's room/hallway, then around Pisces and Virgo wards
Summary: Xion arrives in Hinoto-Ri and engages in standard new arrival procedures, by which we mean gaining her bearings and getting supplies. And then derps about puppies.
Warnings: Probably nothing. Except puppies.

Pisces Apartments, Floor 6/Room 6-07 )


Pisces and Virgo wards )
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Who: Yu, and yu, and yu, and especially yu. :D (yes, I'm punning; it's open to everyone)
Where: Virgo, Aquarius, and Taurus Districts; any given week.
Summary: The jobs Yu applied for called back... all of them. He chose two willingly, because how bad could they be? The third... well...
Warnings: ...may be some Nyx in here. :|b

And then Yu had no life. )
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Who: Aigis. TOTALLY open!
Where: Leo Ward, dangerously close to the 13th Hour
Summary: Dark Hour whut. Aigis is performing a bit of recon after having gotten teleported into the city. As such she's still kinda clueless about everything going on.
Warnings: Nothing really! First post, first Journal RP. Let's do it!
Let us commence with an all out attack! [Y/N] )
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Who: Minako & Minato Arisato and YOU
Where: Starting in Pisces and moving around the city!
Summary: Minako drags Minato out of bed to explore! And hopefully they'll run into more people on the way...
Warnings: uncalled for violence with pillows none

ooc: first thread reserved for Minako's wake-up call, but otherwise the twins will be out and about. Please feel free to threadjack or start a new thread if you want them to run into your character or wish to run into them!

leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia--! )
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Who: Elizabeth, Margaret, and Theodore

Where: Outside of City Hall

Summary: Velvet Room sibs reuniting. Probably some city exploring and scathing remarks. Normal stuff.

Warnings: Elizabeth Margaret Burns None?

theeey kill a mooood / faster than master cuts cards )
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Who: Naoya, Ahri, Mahiro, Sig, Elizabeth (Persona), Nanami, Yukimura, Yoshino, Torahime, Johnny, Eiji & Kanaya
Where: Sector G5 in Libra; Coin Office Tower
Summary: Libra Bank Heist
Warnings: None (yet)

[In this one, you protect and save a bank.] )

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