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Who: Gabe and Sam
Where: Gabriel's candy shop
Summary: Sam needs some....interesting candy. Gabe is more than happy to oblige. And troll.
Warnings: Whatever warnings usually need to apply to troll!archangels and Lovecraftian horrors.
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Who: Aziraphale and anyone else whom he bumps into~
Where: On his way home from the Aquarius district going to the Libra district late at night (nearing but not quite at the 13th Hour)
Summary: A certain angel is getting home late from his job after putting together... a little project of his possibly involving a new job. Feel free to either bump into him (literally), or meet him while he's being hindered by demons. Or comment on how mostly-naked his Persona is.
Warnings: Aziraphale is kind of adorable? Also his Persona Eve is nude with only ivy covering her lady parts.

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Who: Pit. Open.
Where: Capricorn. (His headmate is not happy.)
Summary: Pit takes out his aggression on random monsters during the 13th Hour.
Warnings: RAAAR and I'M GONNA KEEL U

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Who: The Steamrolling Servant of Light™, Aziraphale, and thee! Which is to say, open to all!
Where: Aquarius library and Gabriel's candy store in Virgo.
Summary: Pit out and about!

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Who: Fabulous Demon Overlord Kazuya and YOU
Where: Virgo ward
Summary: Kazuya looking for a job - well, trying to, anyway.
Warnings: Demon Overlords do not do jobs.

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