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Who: Elizabeth, Margaret, and Theodore

Where: Outside of City Hall

Summary: Velvet Room sibs reuniting. Probably some city exploring and scathing remarks. Normal stuff.

Warnings: Elizabeth Margaret Burns None?

theeey kill a mooood / faster than master cuts cards )
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Who: Yu, Akihiko, Kanji, Minako, Guybrush, Link (Ocarina of Time), Shinjiro, Margaret, Yosuke, Kotetsu, Barnaby, Daichi, Gentarou, Mitsuru
Where: Middle of the F1 in Taurus; Nyx's Night Club.
Summary: Taurus Sector Mission
Warnings: Drinking, Smoking, Swearing, Brothels, Naughty Persona, Implied Everything.

[In this one, you go undercover.] )

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