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Who: Saki and YOU!
Where: Pisces Ward, grocery store
Summary: Saki's just going some grocery shopping for the necessities to keep herself going!
Warnings: Nothing, really, as of yet!

A day to myself )
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Who: Open to Everyone, but only Newly Accepted Characters can start threads.
Where: All around the city, anywhere from the 5th to the 20th.
Summary: Newcomers arrive and by now the Government is more ready and sends everyone out to go people hunting.
Warnings: ARRIVALS. Also assume the first thread is the ones who tell you about the city, and the other tags for the character can be talking with others in the city and learning more about it.

The sky rained tears, and they poured forth. )
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Who: The Eleven
Where: Scorpio Ward
Summary: Boss Battle.
Warnings: NOT SAFE FOR WORK FLASH It also has some music (But there's a play button so no worries)

You all somehow found your way to the Scorpio Ward. Was it earlier today? Or just due to the fighting? Does it really matter?

There is a beast in man that needs to be exorcised... )
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Who: The Frost Clan, and open to everyone!
Where: Scorpio District, October 9th, all day
Summary: The demons have been acting a little wilder than usual...and it seems the Jacks themselves are preparing for Halloween?
Warnings: Really, embarrassingly silly demon antics. No combat!

there will be silly dancing in here )
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Who: Minami, Open
Where: Virgo Ward
Summary: Minami has come to Hinoto-Ri and meets people both old and new.
Warnings: Minami and friends making fools of themselves.
Rollin' Rollin' Rolling, keep the lulz goin' )

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