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Who: [personal profile] Mordred [AU1] and [community profile] You!
Where: Capricorn Ward (Central Park)
When: Whenever possible before the Grand Prix
Format: Commentspam, but I can adapt!
Summary: The Grand Prix is coming up, and who cares if he doesn't have a Persona, he's training for it anyways.

I put on my suit and my katana; wait a tic- )
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Who: Mahiro Yasaka, anyone
Where: Varies
Summary: Resolution: job hunting!

Professor at Miskatonic? Pay sucks. )
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Who: Mahiro, anyone else
Where: Park bench. Day before boss battle.
Summary: Reading. Excite. (Mahiro has his Persona talking to him in his thoughts in a very distinctive style.)
Warnings: Roll for sanity.

prose prose prose )
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Who: Nyaruko and YOU!
Where: Pisces/Taurus/Cancer Districts
Summary: The crawling chaos has arrived! Except there are a few technical difficulties. Later on in the day/week she can be found throughout the city at various places!
Warnings: Nyaruko.... Possible sexual harassment, cheesy references, violence, loss of sanity, gratuitous NPC mind srewing.
Notes: If you want to specify a different day to run into her this week, please do so in your subject. Also I'll match prose/action with you so don't worry about swapping to my style!

Dagon-a My House )
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Who: Naoya, Ahri, Mahiro, Sig, Elizabeth (Persona), Nanami, Yukimura, Yoshino, Torahime, Johnny, Eiji & Kanaya
Where: Sector G5 in Libra; Coin Office Tower
Summary: Libra Bank Heist
Warnings: None (yet)

[In this one, you protect and save a bank.] )

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