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Who: Asem Asuno; open
Where: In the skies over Hinoto-Ri, ending in an open field in the Capricorn District
Summary: Asem searches for a place to land his Gundam. Gawkers welcome!
Warnings: Giant robots.

Strider mode flies three times faster! )

[[OoC: For reference, Asem is wearing a white, form-fitting flight suit, with black wrists and chest piece. Also, this is the Gundam in the log. It's about nineteen meters tall.]]
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The drawstrings cut,
my hollow ebony stained wood plomps to the floor—

Eyes open, souls recollect.
The new me, erect.

I make my own decisions, have my own priorities,
have my own thoughts.

No external force taps into me—
- Jana Bielecki

Who: (Everyone OPEN LOG)
Where: (City Hall)
Summary: (You've just arrived in the city. Welcome.)
Warnings: (Intro logs are pretty warnable.)
Style: (The text is in prose, but feel free to write back in action tags if you feel more comfortable.)

[They always say....] )

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