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[action, anywhere in the city, open to all]
'Scuse me, pardon me!

[Perhaps you are relaxing in your room.  Or perhaps you're enjoying a dip in the pool or taking a breather in the library.  Regardless of the activity in question, the peaceful atmosphere is suddenly broken by the intrusion of someone in a black and white costume carrying a knapsack filled with packages flying through -- yes, straight through.  Straight through the wall and out the outer side, tossing out a hurried note of apology along the way.

...In the moments of stunned disbelief afterwards, the girl sticks her head back through the wall and waves a bit to catch your attention.  As if it isn't already caught.]

Actually, do you know a 'Dennis'?  I'm looking for a Dennis.  Or -- maybe this is a P, I can't really tell, but I can't imagine anyone naming their kid that unless they really hated the thought of having kids.  ...It's just kind of mean.

[Before too much time can be spent pondering on the dilemma of D vs. P, Phantom Girl thrusts the package she's holding back into her sack and rummages around.]

Oh, I might have one for you, too, actually.  Did you order anything from a... 'Nyx's Nightclub' lately?

[Phantom Girl had found a day job, apparently.]

[video, public]
[Some two hours later, an irritated Phantom Girl appears on the screen.]

I can't believe it!  They're docking my pay this week!  I mean, I don't need it, but that's incredibly unfair.

I thought the point of being a courier was to get the job done as fast as you can; what's the use of plodding about all over the place reading the street signs?  It's way faster to do it my way; all of you got your deliveries faster than you were expecting, right?  I mean, it's not like you guys have anything to hide in your rooms.  And it's not like I opened a package or anything - that's the only privacy concern they should be worried about.

[She continues to stew and mutter aimlessly for a few moments before striding closer to the screen and pointing at it.]

...Seriously, though, did one of you snitch?

((OoC Note: No toilet/shower shenanigans, please!))

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