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Who: Yamato Hotsuin [personal profile] drakenguard and Ideo Hazama [personal profile] putonagoodshow
Where: Sagittarius Labs
When: Backdated to the 11th March
Summary: Yamato's Daddy Issues Conclusion! Cerberus Summoning! Hideousness of what happens when being raised by a star alien!
Warnings: Alcor is involved so expect lots of anger, bitterness and...anger. Also I tl;dr'd

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Who: Ideo Hazama and open!
Where: Sagittarius, generally
Summary: Ideo's a little frustrated after a certain network post went up. So, he's off to work off stress!
Warnings: Ideo being broody as usual...???
he also may be a little melodramatic )
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Who: Jun Kuga, Theodore, Yamato, Ludwig, Elizabeth Middleford, Atsuro, Aoba, Urataros, Volstagg
Where: The Saggitarius Research and Development lab, wards C4 & B4.
Summary: Help defend the prototypes and barricade the labs.
Music: Castle of the Four Gods
Warnings: Combat! Action! Science!
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