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Who: Flynn and... well, you. (It's open :D)
Where: Some random district - my open is generically worded so you can decide :D
Summary: Flynn gets caught in the 13th hour and learns to use his persona.
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Who: Everyone signed up here!
Where: It's a secret to everybody.
When: February 14th-16th
Summary: The most terrible romantic day of the year has arrived!
Warnings: Lingerie and fluff

You awaken in a dark room.

...To the sound of giggling.

"Ohmygosh, they're finally awake!" The shrill voice elicits an uncontrollable wince of pain; as the lights flicker on, the wince is liable to evolve into a full-on expression of abject horror. Everything is pink. The bed is pink. The walls are pink. The flower petals are pink. The confetti and streamers are pink. The enormous scented candles strewn about everywhere are pink.

............The tight briefs and/or lingerie that may or may not be on your body in place of your own underwear are pink (You do get to keep your clothing, so this part is optional if you don't want to play it - your characters can wake up in their normal bedclothes or day clothes if you like. However, if your characters do wake up in sexy underwear or their PJs, their normal clothes will be in a nearby dresser.)

Before you have too much time to consider exactly what's going on, the voice sounds again.

"We are going to have so much fun! We just knew the two of you would be perfect together. No connection to the outside world whatsoever! No need to thank us! Now, we'll just be here in the corner and you two can just... oh, you know!"

The fairy blushes and sighs longingly.

"OK! Good luck!"

'The two of you'? What t --

Right about then, you realize someone else is in bed next to you.

[The event has begun! Please refer to this post to see how things will go. If you prefer not to have fairies directly involved, they will very generously allow you a little time ~alone~ if you ask, though they will return. Otherwise, they will be scribbling notes, drawing and narrating your "steamy romance" (romance may not be as steamy as implied). Characters can attack the fairies all they like, but it will have no effect, as they're projecting themselves in with magic while they watch from the safety of their little pixie laptops.

Remember that you control the fairies and what they say. We've created an npc account [personal profile] pixielove and you can find the password here, so have fun! You're free to use the account or not at your discretion.

Additionally, for the 14th to the 15th at night, anyone stuck together will not be able to contact the outside world. Don't worry, the fairies will let everyone know you're safe!]
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Who: Shura and OPEN
Where: Apartment building in Pisces
Summary: Shura tries to go back to her apartment from the Hospital.
Warnings: None so far!
How do I wheelchair )
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▼ A Feast of Shadows
Who: Anyone
Where: All over the city
When: December 16-20
Summary: The Shadow Event has begun! Follow the link for the event summary and post your threads here if you want. You're still free to make network posts of your own if you'd rather do that, though!
Warnings: Characters' darkest and most shameful secrets within, along with plenty of combat. Please mark any threads that will contain triggering content appropriately, since some characters have darker secrets than others.

Round 1

Nov. 28th, 2013 12:59 am
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Who: Akihiko Sanada, friends, and you!
Where: Dormitory, perhaps eventually around the city. Backdated before the Coming of Age event.
Summary: Akihiko gets reacquainted with a semi-normal life, a new body,...and maybe some real food.
Warnings: Language?
A sort of freedom )
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Who: Shura and OPEN
Where: Capricorn ward
Summary: Shura gives magatsuhi to her newly formed army for her birthday
Warnings: Sads
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to )
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Who: Yamato Hotsuin and YOU!
Where: Taurus Ward at night
Summary: Yamato is more than a little disorientated
Warnings: A fire breathing dog. THE FIRE BREATHING DOG. Also Taurus ward I guess.

Child plus red light district equals... )
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▼ Consider the Following......
Who: Anyone
Where: The entire city
When: June 8th-15th
Summary: Science and Knowledge Exop in the Leo Ward.
Warnings: That depends who is there. Remember to mark your titles clearly if any warnings need to be issued!

▼ You know what rules?
Science. Science and the inquiring mind has kept humanity on the path of progress for hundreds of thousands of years. What could make science rule harder?

A science showcase, of course! What better way spark the curiosity of the young and old by showing off the scientific achievements of the community. You have your things for the kids, your potato batteries and baking soda volcanoes and what-have-you, you have your higher-brow showcases of what the Department of Wands has been working on, your informative panels delving into biology, physics, chemistry and astronomy. There's even free food, including some molecular gastronomy creations for the...adventurous. There are even topics your average Visitor wouldn't think fell under the realms of science.

Such as? Why, like how Personas work (with explanations that aren't just "It's Magic") or discussions about demons, where they might come from, how they're different and similar to humans, how they use magic, and so on.

What kind of things will you and your friends discover? Perhaps you or someone you know is setting up an exhibit?

Regardless, enjoy the science fair and have fun!

[OOC: You are allowed to start a thread if you want your character to have a booth / hold a topic in a private room, or just do threads where you go around visiting. Projects and seminars are varied! Share your knowledge! Enjoy the science! Eat some really strange food! Try not to mix too much baking soda with vinegar!]
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Who: Kotoha & Various
Where: All over!
Summary: Kotoha's out and about, riding all around the city
Warnings: Kotoha is ridiculous.
Out and about, where the sun is always shining )
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Who: King DeDeDe, the employees of the Penguin's Nest, esteemed friends and guests, and anyone with money
Where: The Penguin's Nest in Taurus District
When: The evening of May 29th until the sun comes up on the 30th
Summary: DeDeDe's birthday was on the 22nd, but the event happened, so he's throwing himself a week late belated party
Warnings: Standard warnings for the party taking place in a strip club and being for a perverted hedonist penguin

[Not too long ago, DeDeDe hadn't been expecting to live to see another birthday - he'd met a rather violent end in his own world before coming to Hinoto-Ri. So now that May has rolled around and he's still alive and well, he's decided to have a little get-together in his own honor at the Penguin's Nest a week after the fact. The party was supposed to be on the actual date of his birthday, but he was rather preoccupied at the time with Samus' memories, so he ended up pushing back plans to tonight. It's a little short notice, but who cares. Early on in the day, to give people as much time as he could, DeDeDe sent out a message to every COMP in town:


Nice and short and simple. Normally he wasn't the type to pass out free drinks - even for something like this - but DeDeDe had gotten a good business fortune at the festival and thought this might be a good way to drum up some new attendance at the club. He had of course informed the staff weeks in advance, letting them put together whatever they felt like for the occasion but not really asking for anything specific aside from their presence. They're not exactly in the most warm and fuzzy line of work here, after all.

But all the same, the club is open a few hours before sundown, just as usual. DeDeDe's waiting inside at the door to greet everyone personally, shaking hands and schmoozing it up as he is wont to do. There are also a number of
little red guys in party hats in attendance, mostly just milling around dancing and hanging around near the penguin king as he makes his way through the club to mingle with the other guests. There's also a big elaborate birthday cake sitting on the bar courtesy of Johnny, with the usual rotating cast of succubi working the dance floor as party music blasts from the speakers.]

((OOC: This is pretty much just an open mingle log. No post order, everyone just tag in as you please! Friends and close CR of DeDeDe's are definitely welcome, but it's not necessary to know him personally to get in. If your character just wants to show up, get the free drink, and leave, that's totally cool too.))
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Who: Shura and OPEN
Where: The gym in Pisces
Summary: Shura is training hard, though in an usual manner
Warnings: Usual shirtless Shura warning

Float like a butterfly... )
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Who: Hitoshura and YOU!
Where: Capricorn and Pisces
Summary: Shura is suddenly cursed with lots of love

She loves demons, but not quite like that )
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Who: Nano Shinonome, Nikolai Volkov, Akane Awakusu, and YOU!
Where: Ichiban Market in the Virgo Ward
When: Saturday and Sunday
Summary: The market is closed for Golden Week, but it's running a lottery promotion on the sidewalk.
Warnings: Gratuitous use of action brackets in a log post.

[The Ichiban Market from Nano's home world always closes every year so that its employees have more time to enjoy Golden Week and to restock the store, but there's also usually some sort of special sidewalk promotion designed to drum up more business when they reopen. Nikolai is the day to day manager, but Nano's stayed on as kind of a consultant since she's from the same world, and so she's spent the past week or so organizing a storefront lottery for the store to get rid of overstocked merchandise and stuff nobody ever buys anyway give away some fabulous prizes and appreciate their customers!

Nano herself is wearing an apron with the store's name on the front, a pair of cosplay cat ears from her other job, and is manning a
Japanese style revolving lottery machine with multicolored marbles corresponding to each prize.  She's joined by store manager Nikolai, wearing his usual business attire, and also their newest employee - a ten year old girl by the name of Akane Awakusu.  She's decked out in a happi coat and a white headband, waving advertisement flyers and handing out promotional packs of tissues to anyone who lingers in front of the store for long enough to listen.  There is a sign set up next to the table they're all standing near announcing the lottery, with big bold text: GRAND PRIZE!  ONE NIGHT TRIP FOR TWO TO THE AMAGI INN!

Anyone is free to step up and try their luck!]

((OOC: To play the lottery, go to, generate a number between 1 and 100, and put it in the header of your tag to find out if your character wins anything.  Please check the thread to see if the number you got has already been taken, and roll again if that's the case.  You can also just show up to talk to Nano, Nikolai, or Akane by putting one of their names in the header.  The only way to find out what the prizes are is to play!))
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Who: Kazuya Minegishi [personal profile] belfire, Hitoshura [personal profile] demifemme and YOU
Where: Gemini Ward - Near Mictlan
When: 26th April, 13th Hour
Summary: Kazuya and Hitoshura, giving into demonic urges to conquer humanity for Demon Kind. Time to detain the Demon King and Hell's General before Hinoto-Ri is destroyed! Brave heroes, rise up against them and their demonic legion!
Warnings: Lots of violence, demons, and gruesome injuries.

Neither human, nor devil... all bends to our will! )
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Who: Miyako Hotsuin ([personal profile] capitalbackup), Yamato Hotsuin ([personal profile] drakenguard) and you.
Where: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio
Summary: After gathering answers on her anonymous post, Miyako set out to do some hands on research into a number of “hobbies”...with her brother’s help.
Warnings: N/A

the things she’d do for a... )
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Who: Geis and YOU
Where: Sagittarius/Virgo/Cancer Ward - take your pick!
Summary: Geis's telekinesis comes in handy when it comes to moving heavy objects. Although so many people wanting free heavy lifting!
Warnings: None

There is such a thing as being too helpful )
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▼ A Little Greenery... (Apartment Log)

Who: EVERYONE (Those without a room can still come visit, if you'd like.)
Summary: Massive Open Apartment Log (March 23rd - 31st)
Warnings: Rooms and stuff? If you start anything that is 16+ and up, PLEASE WARN US.

More info )

▼ Current Master List...
Nikolai Volkov | Pisces 10th floor
Death [Pisces 8-10 (and all over the building)] OPEN
Atoli | Pisces 10-3, but also the other floors of the building | OTA
Earl Ciel Phantomhive [Pisces 10-08] | Open
Hizumi Mizushiro | Pisces 11-3
Masamune Date [Pisces 11-4] | OTA
Noda | Pisces 12-06 and elsewhere | Open
Miyako Hotsuin | Pisces 11-10 + 20th Floor | OPEN
Cloche Leythal Pastalia [Pisces; Floor 10] | OTA
Jun Kurosu [Pisces 7-10 + 20th Floor] | Open
Io Nitta [Pisces 11-06] | OTA
[Yosuke Otoha] [Pisces 10-09] [Open]
[Naoya] [Pisces 7-05 and around both buildings] [Open]
[Tsukasa] [Pisces 11-08 and around both buildings] [Open]
Benjamin Linus | Pisces 6-07 | Open

Zero [Libra] | Open
Haseo [Libra 11-08] | Open!
Aoi Misato | Libra 11-9 and then out and about!
Raimu "Rhyme" Bito | Libra 20th floor | Open!
Shiki Misaki (AU) | Libra 9-03 | OTA
Miyabi Hanakouji | All apartments around Libra 11-05 | OTA
[Neku Sakuraba] [Libra 9-02] [Open]
Avitus [ALL OVER LIBRA (apartment is 11-07)] | OPEN!



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