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The Soul Still Burns, Final Part

Who: Sarah and Open
Where: Hinoto-Ri
Summary: It's time for the final meal.
Warnings: Still the same as before.

The message Sarah leaves on the Network is much shorter this time.

"Last time. Tsukuyomi."

And with that, she signs off. Time to eat.
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You know I got your back.

[As usual Misfit will meet Sarah at the battle sight.]
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Snazzy. Is there some special occasion or are you just dressing up for battle?
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Well don't celebrate yet, we still have to get the last one. What's our strategy?
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I think I can handle not staying in one place.

[Yes. Now it's Misfit's time to shine.]
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And off we go.

[Misfit will bounce and meet Sarah three hundred feet west of the previous location.]
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No, what is it?

[Misfit is calling forth her velvet room persona, Uncle Sam.]
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[Somehow knowing that Sarah has an awesome bird of prey nickname makes Misfit like her more.]

That's a cool nickname. Check out what I got in the velvet room.

[Uncle Sam slams his enormous fist into the monster.]

Cool huh?
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Yes, I do

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It's a mascot for America.

Hold on, I've got a better idea! Let's use the one we got together.
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[Misfit feels Sarah's faith in her and it makes her feel like she can do anything. She cracks her knuckles before launching at the Tsukuyomi.]

Dark Vengeance!