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The Soul Still Burns, Part Two

Who: Sarah and OPEN
When: 13th Hour
Summary: Still hunting, but now there's a reason.
Warnings: Same as before.

A few days after the rescue team returns, Sarah sends out another broadcast. This time, it's from the Knight's Academy, where she stores her God Arc - which has undergone a transformation. Instead of a loose grouping of mechanical parts with no set theme, it now looks...almost organic, blood dripping down the length of the blade.

"Greetings. Those of you familiar with my God Arc might notice how she's changed - this is what happened after she ate all those Susano'o last week. I took the parts she didn't eat over to M.A.G.I. and they're pretty confident that with enough materials they'll be able to make more God Arcs. I'll be heading out into the city during the 13th Hour tonight to bring back more of the raw materials. I'd appreciate it if I could get some backup again."

With a courteous nod, she shuts off the COMP and prepares to head out. That night, during the 13th Hour, she can be found battling titanic creatures all over the city.
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Is it safe to make new ones? I mean yours got all creepy and blood drippy. I'll still help you fight I'm just a bit freaked out.
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So if we keep fighting it will stop dripping blood. Count me in. Where are we headed?
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Cool, shouldn't be too hard to spot, just give me a minute to get to a high point.

[A few minutes later Misfit will call Sarah back.]

I found it!
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The park near the academy.

[When Sarah arrives Misfit is hanging back observing the monster.]
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Right. Zelus!

[Misfit's persona emerges.]

Do that thing you learned at the tournament.

[Zelus cocks his arm back and strikes the Amaterasu hard.]
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[Misfit is a bit cocky after the last monster went down so easily. She's bouncing around and slashing at the tentacles with the knife Sarah gave her.]
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[Good thing Sarah shielded her because Misfit totally missed those incoming tentacles. Seeing Sarah take a hit for her makes Misfit see red. She dodges around the tentacles aiming to strike the statue on the creature's head with her knife.]

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Sending a brief audio reply - "I saw the delivery, but - I'd like to hear more about these... devices from their owner, if you wouldn't mind."
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"A living, unique, custom weapon - interesting. That would explain a lot," he finishes dryly.
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A moment's pause, thought:

"Perhaps I could observe, at least."
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"You are correct. Very well: where should I come to?"
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"Very well."

And when the time comes, there'll be a shield-wielding scientist - although out of that lab coat for once - heading over.
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"Good evening." He nods back, and simply raises an eyebrow - he's seen plenty of mess in the laboratory, sure, but this isn't something that's entirely in his range of experience.
"Its own or that of enemies?"

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Strength scan

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