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It was a dark, if not stormy, night....

Who: Nanami and Takakage
Where: Some deserted street at the 13th Hour 
Summary:  Tutorials are terrible, but maybe skipping it for this game was a bad idea....
Warnings: Hints of SDR2 spoilers for Nanami I guess, but nothing much? 

Blink. Blink blink.  She felt her mind slowly come back online- to extend the metaphor, her mind was unfortunately a dusty terminal that was years out of date and coming to her senses felt like having it kicked several times.

What happened? Where was she, there was something very inconsistent in this situation right n-

For one, the sky was red. For two, where was everyone else? There was no log of this place in her databases- empty street, the flickering glow of a streetlight illuminating small darting shadows. Rats, cats, and the light fluttering of feathers muffled by distance. Something out of a comic book, maybe. A Film Noir movie. Places she'd never been to, thought about once in a while but often dismissed quickly enough-

But she was here now, so now what?

Nanami reached out, half-expecting a thread of mainframe to reveal itself to her- her arms felt strange, heavier-but-not-heavy, the cool night air on her skin sending nerve signals ricocheting through her nervous system (a strangely exhilarating feeling.) No, no mainframe to be found. There were so many signals to process at once all of a sudden, the novelty of re-connection- (no, something more than coming back online this was-) casting everything into a sharpness that was almost disorientating. Okay. Okay. She'll.... she'll figure something out. She'll just.... stop for a while, taking everything in. 


That unearthly howl-snarl didn't seem like it belonged here. 

Also the sky was red. She almost forgot.

The lack of a command sequence was beginning to be concerning. She'd do something, but what, proceeding forward always required at least an understanding of where you were supposed to go, what the win conditions were for this game- Nanami blinked once, twice, then got herself off the middle of the road. That was probably a dangerous place to be. It was good that she did, because as she turned back to gaze up the road there was what she assumed to be a vehicle approaching through the darkness.

First goal, figure out setting and plot and win conditions-

Wait, was that a car? That looked like a really strange car, it- 

That's not a car.
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That's definitely not a car.

Takakage was out during the Thirteenth Hour as usual - not only was demon exterminating both a job and a duty, he often found other new Visitors upon such excursions. And this night seemed to be no exception. Another girl about his age, looking quite lost - his mind flashes immediately back to Saionji. It might have been a stretch to assume that the girl did not have adequate means to defend herself - but that did not imply that he ought not to assist.

The Wicker Man drifted down the street towards her, its mouth leering open. The girl didn't seem to react. They were quite a distance away - best to send someone else who could get there first.

Koppa Tengu appeared above him in a flash of blue light, soaring swiftly towards the demon before pulling into a skydive with a screech. It stalled at the last moment before impact, flapping its wings open -

- needle-sharp feathers rained from above directly onto the Wicker Man, puncturing dozens of holes in its skin.
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takes 29306707602 years sORRY

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Koppa Tengu obliterated the demon quite easily - Takakage nods, allowing himself to feel a little pleased. All the training he had spent strengthening his bond with the avian had paid off. His Persona circled overhead while he approached the girl - she had been searching her pockets, and produced a musket.

No, a... what was the word... conjurer? No, that wasn't it. An Evoker. At least, it looked like one. She tried to fire it, but it wouldn't work. Definitely an Evoker then.

From what he can tell, she is dressed in clothing of the modern era. Then, she would be familiar with technology and whatnot, so adjusting should be easy. He is quite sure that she is in fact a new visitor - after all, he does run into almost everybody once a week or so.

The strategist waits a polite distance away from her, but she doesn't notice him yet. It seems that he will have to speak.

"Excuse me, miss." His voice is calm and gentle, as usual. "I hope you are not hurt?"
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sweats nervously

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The girl responded positively to his enquiries - which was a good thing, considering the fact that the last girl he tried to help during the Thirteenth Hour reacted in quite the opposite way.

She showed him the device that was in her pocket - this was definitely an Evoker, and not an actual musket. (The modern folk called them guns, but he was too used to the archaic term.)

"This is an Evoker. It is used to summon your Persona." Granted, she probably didn't know what a Persona was, but it was important to establish that the Evoker wasn't an actual musket. "Unfortunately, it cannot do anything more than that - which means it does not fire bullets in the fashion of a -" here there was the slightest of pauses as he remembered to switch gear "-gun."

He glanced around briefly. There were no demons nearby, which was a good thing.

"What you encountered just now is a demon. They are hostile creatures who usually attack on sight - a Persona will fight for you in case you cannot." She... probably cannot. "An Evoker helps people summon their Personas... though I do believe it isn't compulsory - they can be summoned without one."

There was another pause.

"My apologies. I ramble on too long... you are new here, yes? May I know your name, and where you come from?"

Best to establish proper era markers first before he continued talking. (Whoops, his father's genes were showing.)
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... uh. The girl had simply dropped one of his questions and moved on to the next one.

There was the briefest of hesitations before he replied, deciding not to press the subject for now. "I am Kobaykawa Takakage, retainer of the Mouri clan." He's given his name enough times to not trip over its strange order reversal - and thus not having the translator forcibly flip it over was a little unexpected.

Nanami seemed to only half keep up with what he was saying, which was a little worrying. He hoped that she would be able to grasp everything fast enough to not endanger herself in the future...

"Either way... you have been displaced from your homeworld." He hoped she noticed. "This is the city of Hinoto-Ri. Do you remember meeting a man donning a butterfly mask? He is Philemon, the one who invited you here. He ought to have given you some information about Persona." Which presumably she had spaced out and missed.

He stops here for a moment, waiting to see if Nanami could keep up.
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Nanami's use of the suffix surprised him a little - it was very unusual for such a term to be used between strangers. At least, in his time. Perhaps the modern folk were more casual in their interactions.

Neverthless, he isn't going to deviate from tradition. His usual term of address would be irrelevant in a modern context, but at least he could use its closest substitute.

"Ah, I see." That explained quite a lot. "Well... A Persona is a manifestation of your personality. Think of it as a 'mask' of sorts, used to deal with hardship and adversity." Pause. "As a Visitor - someone who has arrived here from another world - you are able to call upon it. Philemon is the one who offers you this power."

"The item you have there is an Evoker. If you use it, it can help you call upon your Persona." He didn't use it himself, but he had seen others who did. "In Hinoto-Ri, there is an extra hour that occurs after midnight each day, named the Thirteenth Hour. Demons roam the streets during this time, and a Persona can fight them in your stead."

Did that make sense?
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Takakage frowned slightly, but the expression quickly faded and was replaced by his usual calm. He had never used it before...

"... well..." He took the Evoker from her and examined it briefly. "I have never used it before. Summoning without an Evoker is possible, but great willpower is required, so some people prefer to use the Evoker instead."

The strategist inhaled deeply, placed the Evoker's barrel to the side of his head, and pulled the trigger.

There was a crystalline crack eerily similar to the sound of a gunshot, and a brief jet of crystal spurted out from the side opposite the Evoker. Koppa Tengu burst into existence above him, soaring smoothly down to land beside him.

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So she'd summoned her persona without a hitch. That was a good step, at least. Though... her Persona was definitely unlike anything he had seen before. It didn't look organic at all - even though some Personas could look bizarre, they were usually... alive.

He gave Nanami a smile and a nod.

"This is your Persona. You'll know its name instinctively, if I recall correctly." A pause, to allow Nanami to process his words. "Since your Persona is new, it will know five skills. Think of them as abilities you can use."

He stopped here to see if Nanami could follow.
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Takakage closes his eyes for a moment, and there is a pause before he replies.

"The knowledge ought to be innate." He nods. "There is potential for growth, though. There are six more abilities which will come into being gradually if you use your Persona often." Since he had used Koppa Tengu so much, his own Persona already had the full complement.

"Though... I believe it requires you to engage in skirmishes with demons."
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He smiled a little when she perked up - it amused him, somehow. She was absorbing information, which was a good thing.

"Sometimes. Though I have not seen gold as a metal, if that is what you were thinking of. Their drops can be sold for small amouts of money, but it isn't an advisable career choice." Which was why he had a daytime job as a librarian.
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"Well, perhaps you can." Especially given how old Nanami seemed to be. "The government provides free housing and amenities, and individuals of schooling age are given meals and the like, if I am not wrong. But if you wish for anything more than that... then yes, you will need spare cash."

The strategist missed the cut-off point by just one year, so he was already qualified as an adult and therefore required a job.
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i am so late oh my god

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He tilted his head. "I assumed you were of schooling age. Is that correct? How old are you, Nanami?"

She looked around... sixteen, seventeen? Presumably? But then again, given that he was twenty-six and still got mistaken as eighteen... he wouldn't put too much stock into that.
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... the way she phrased it was... interesting. Did she forget her birthday? Or was there some other underlying reason?

He let it slide, though he did file the question away for latter investigation.

"Well, it ought to be reasonable to suppose that the government will give you a place in the schools." Hopefully. The thought of Nanami having to fend for herself is... a little worrying, to be honest.
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"Well, they do need to keep us alive." Takakage tilted his head a little. "For one, we Visitors are Persona users. The people of Hinoto-Ri need us to help with the demon infestation."


Is she going to leave soon?

"... do you know where your apartment is?"
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and the award for slowest rper goes to me

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"Well... the ability is not exclusive to Visitors, but the population of resident Persona users is not as prevalent as we hope it to be." Something like that. "After all, the more Persona users there are, the easier it will be to manage the demonic threat."

Ah yes, checking. He focused for a moment, and the COMP popped into existence.

"Each Visitor has access to a database management device. I believe it is colloquially called a computer. With it, you can navigate the information available to us."

Will she be able to call it out, though?