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The Silver Key [Closed]

Where: The Velvet Room
Summary: Someone had a dream and was given an item, then decided to do something about it.
When: June 7th
Warnings: Is someone really gonna try putting the key in Igor's nose?

This wasn't a normal trip to the Velvet Room for a switch of persona or a quest. No, there was a reason behind it, as the three had an item that perhaps could be answered by the residents of the venue. As the glowing blue door is opened, the sounds of life and the city grow quiet.

They appear in one of the many blue and white cabins of the Velvet Train, as the train continues to move around in the air. Soft and comforting music can be heard in the background, calming the souls of those who enter. The windows are open and outside a breathtaking view of a starry night sky.

Well, now it was up to them to decide what to do. Time to run to the bar cabin, or make a plan in this area first?
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Ah, it's been a while since he's come here... With his current persona providing more than enough fire power, he's simply never bothered to come back.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a choice this time. Aside from the Persona Game itself, Igor was probably the best connection they had to Philemon, and the easiest to visit on short notice. Thankfully, the denizens of the Velvet Room never seem to mind it when Visitors drop by unannounced.

Once Hizumi clears the door, he begins twirling the key on a thin string he'd attached for the sake of easier carrying (and definitely not for the purpose of having an extra plaything). He's got an eye on Taro, fully expecting him to make for the bar cabin, but he won't actually say anything.

"Alright, let's see what all this is about..."
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Ayumu will say something if he does, if only because they're here on important business. He glances around the train, having really only been here once before.

"Should we look around, or go straight to the caretakers?" Ayumu personally voted asking questions first, even if Igor wss a bit.... creepy, he was the most likely to have immediate answers. If they didn't get any answers that way, they could start searching the place.
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Taro glances at the bar cabin, but sighs. He can get drunk later. Right now he's got business to attend to. Okay. Professional. Professional. He can do this. Right?

Right. Oh. Right. There's a question. "We should probably go ask them first. This seems like the kind of place that won't give us answers if we just look around. It feels kind of sneaky like that." Personally this place gives him the creeps, but he can put that aside for now.
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"If they don't tell us anything, we could always keep them distracted while Taro looks around." He glances at the tanuki, grinning. "It's the perfect chance to really put those illusions to use."

No pressure or anything, man. With that decided, he strides up to Igor confidently, still letting the key swing around his finger. It only stops when he pauses in front of the man as he raises that same hand in a cheerful wave.

"Hey! Sorry to barge in like this, but I got something interesting last night and I thought you might know something about it."

He allows the key to dangle from its string in easy view while kindly taking into account the large blind spot no doubt caused by that ridiculous schnoz. "I heard this came from Philemon, but I'm afraid that's all I know. You wouldn't happen to have any idea what this is for, do you?"
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As they came in, William stopped his music for a few seconds to look at them before shrugging and going on. Caroline took her place next to Igor.

"It would be incorrect to say you barged in," she began, "for time has no meaning here." Igor, for his part, chuckles softly.

"From Master Philemon, you say...why this is certainly an interesting turn of events!"

"May we inquire how you came to posses this silver key?" Caroline adds.
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Well that makes things simple.

"Through a strange dream of a game of chess and a young girl who couldn't remember her name. She told me she didn't know what it was for, but she was asked by Philemon to give it to the first visitor to come, and I guess that turned out to be me."

For... some reason.
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"I see...then that key's journey to end up in your hands must mean it has a great purpose! Perhaps it will aid you in your hardships ahead! And what is your plan now?"

Ahh yes. Of course he wasn't going to spell it out or say what it was (if he actually knew at all).
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"We were thinking that since this place is connected to Philemon, it wouldn't be a bad bet to check here first." Ayumu chimes in, crossing his arms.
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"It would be really helpful if you could at least give us a hint." Maybe it went to something in this room. He turns slightly so that he can see more of their surroundings, quietly looking to see if there was anything that seemed to hint at hiding any secret compartments.
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Why can't anyone around here just explain things clearly from the start? Hizumi's smile never falters, but geeze...

"That's right. We figured our only other options are the Persona game, or looking at every single keyhole we could find." He gives a small, helpless shrug. "It just seemed like a better idea to come to you first!"
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"It seems a great mystery has been imposed upon all of you. If you do not find out this key's purpose...your future may by forfeit."

Caroline for her part held up her book closer.

"I believe I may be able to aid to you...however, I do not know the origins of this key, and I am uncertain if what I am about to suggest is the correct path for you to undertake...still, it is out duty to aid Visitors to the best of our abilities."
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Well that sounded grim..... Then again, if those dreams were some sort of warning like they thought, it could very well be true. "Any hint we can get to narrow down our search would be helpful, ma'am."

It would be better than flying blind, anyway.
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"Then you should all come with me," she instructed, moving away from Igor and to the other side of the cabin.

"I was tasked to guard this door since my arrival. It leads to the cabin rooms ahead of us, where no Guest has been allowed to go. I have a feeling you may find your answers beyond it. will no doubt be a dangerous journey to reach its end. And, as I have mentioned before, I am uncertain of my prediction will be true. I could be sending you to your demise, and that pains me greatly."
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Taro, who had listened to this exchange quietly, suddenly looked very grim. He dispelled his illusion, standing in his actual tanuki form once again. His voice was quiet as he spoke.

"Nothing worth protecting is easy. And the truth is never easy. I've lived my life full of lies and illusions. But, the only time I really felt like I was doing something of worth was when I was pursuing the truth. I've died for the truth before. If it helps other people - especially the people I care about - I'd gladly die for it again."
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The longer they talk, the less Hizumi likes the sound of their situation. But as usual, the fates seem out to get him.

Could lead to their demise, huh? Well, Hizumi had never really been the type to get concerned about that kind of thing. While the rules of Hinoto-Ri were certainly different from his own world, that one in particular seemed to hold true no matter where he went. Really, he'd be more worried about potential pain than anything else.

But it's not like they really have other options here, do they?

"Well, it wouldn't be the first time," is all he'll say as he begins to follow. It doesn't even hold a candle to Taro's impassioned speech, but Hizumi lacks the heroic streak his tanuki friend has.

He just wants to be done with this.
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Ayumu was thinking much alongside the same as Hizumi with a grimace on his face-- He still remembered that gun to his head jamming, after all, even if his mind's first reaction was still to deny it. Taro had said quite enough as it was, but there was one thing more.

"I guess if we don't come out after too long, you can feel free to send in a rescue party."

At the very least, he and Hizumi could buy Taro time to go get one if it came to that. Not that he wanted to run into a situation requiring that.
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"I suppose so," she replies. "If your minds are made up, and your will strong, then I will wish you the best of luck."

She looks at them.

"...but permit me to ask you a question before you go? Are you armed?"
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... That is a good question. Taro blinks, and thinks of his Personas...

No. Not well armed.

"Uh... hm. Maybe we should - did either of you bring anything?"
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And suddenly we're all smiles again.

"Nope! I didn't think it was going to go this far, to be honest."
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"No weapons, just my personas." He, too, hadn't thought that they'd be fighting today.
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Suddenly there's someone next to Caroline, his helmet clearly displaying how he feels about this situation.
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"Ahh, you are right, brother" Caroline replies, folding her arms. "They are brave, but going into a fire armed with nothing but courage would be foolish. What do you suggest?"
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woops there's more sorry

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He opens his hands, revealing three blue-colored crowbars.
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"Brother! This isn't a game of videos like you play! It is hardly the time and place!"
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Hey! Oww. You don't have to slap him across the back like that. Two of the crowbars fall to the ground in process.

But fine. With a groan, he scratches the back of his helmet with one hand. When he brings it back to the front, there's two guns in his hands. He gives one to Ayumu and Huzumi.

...then he hands Taro the last remaining crowbar. Congratulations, kiddo.

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