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Day 1 Court

The murder of Cachou Anise has resonated throughout all of France... The assistant to the most renowned magicians in the entire world, she was also a celebrity in her own right as a model and a fashionista. The people of Paris are demanding blood.

An elderly British woman calling herself Minerva McGonagall is the prime suspect. Lacking any identification papers whatsoever, her presence at the scene of the crime is highly suspicious. She claims to have gotten lost within the building, but it is apparent that someone deliberately sabotaged the infamous Curtain Trick to cause the death of Anise. There's no known motive for this crime - but of course, that's what the trial is for.

The consequence for premeditated murder is execution. Defend Minerva McGonagall, find the real culprit, and return safely to the city of Hinoto-Ri.

The Court is Now in Session...

Clues So Far
Notes on the Crime Scene
Notes on the Victim
A Strange Item

((This section is primarily for the Defense Team, although there is a pre-court mingle where everyone can discuss. Investigation Team, please continue tagging the previous post as not all the clues have been found yet, and will be important for this section, but we need to try to proceed!))
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Pre-Court Mingling (Investigation and Defense)

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There is still time before the trial begins to discuss the case and the meaning of the clues uncovered. The waiting room should be large enough to accommodate the entire team.
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[Considering how Athena had a huge part in this as being the leader in the defense, she had to be there early. She made sure to be prepared, going every little detail the night before. It probably wasn't a good thing to stay up all night going over evidence and theories when sleep was important too, but Athena couldn't very well rest. Not when somebody was in trouble. She could sleep later.

She'd done this plenty of times before, but this time was much more nerve wracking than any of the other times she'd defended a client. Maybe it was because Apollo seemed to be missing from this and the boss wasn't around. She was all alone in this as far as her teammates went. She had the other Visitors (thank god), but it didn't stop her from fretting. She was the leader. She was the leader. She'd never lead her own case without the help of Apollo or Phoenix there to cheer her on.

Maybe this is what it felt like when Apollo was new? Regardless, Athena had to remind herself that she'd be okay. She's done this before. She'll definitely prove that McGonagall was innocent. She needed to keep a brave face for McGonagall and all the other people she was in charge of. She'd never particularly cared for being in charge, but she had more experience than the others did (aside from Simon, Bobby, Franziska or maybe even Shelly).]

I'm fine... I'm Athena Cykes and I'm fine!

[She may have adapted Apollo and Clay's phrase, but it situations like this, it helped. She'll just be reassuring herself that she's fine for a while while fighting her constant fear of the court. Her original reason for coming early was to review evidence, look for an autopsy report, and to meet up with the others. Woops.]
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hhhh the clues are subject to change though bc the investigation hasn't finished yet so yeah

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[ Takakage also had the habit of coming early. He had mulled over the case the previous night as well, though he hadn't had time to bounce his theories off anyone yet. Even though he wasn't on the defense team, he still had plenty that could be contributed.

Though given what he knew so far... it was most likely something motivated by jealousy. Another murder caused by the corruption of the human soul. This world wasn't much different, then...

He stepped into the waiting room quietly, this time dressed in a blue shirt instead. He was carrying his book, as usual. It held quite a lot of notes with regards to the case. Only Athena seems to be here so far. He greeted her with a polite nod. ]

Good morning, Miss Athena. [ He took care to keep his tone calm. ] You are leading the defense team, I presume? Perhaps I could... hm, run through the evidence with you?

Only if you are willing, of course.
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That's okay <3

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[Athena hadn't noticed right away, but a moment after she jummped as she realized somebody was talking to her.]

Ah! Yes! Good morning.

That would be great, thank you.

[She'd need all the help she could get...]
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[ Takakage nodded, taking up a place beside Athena. He took out a pencil from his pocket, tapping the cover of his book before opening it. However, he held it in one hand, at an angle so that she can't quite see what he had written down. ]

I'm not quite sure what evidence you already know. Could you tell me what you have, and perhaps derived theories, if any?"
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[And guess who arrived a short while later, having napped horribly.]

Tch! You'd think that a place like Paris would have better hotels...

[Ekichi is slowly getting all of his dreams about the city destroyed one by one...]

Sorry I'm late!
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Good morning, Eikichi. [ Takakage replied without missing a beat. ] We were just discussing case evidence.

Miss Athena is running through our proposed case argument. Perhaps you would have something to add as well, after she has finished?

[ There was a very slight stress on the word 'after'. He did want to hear Athena's train of thought as quickly as possible. Time was precious here. ]
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"Yelling, are we?" said Franziska as she heard the commotion Athena was making. "The Defense in this instance has more at stake than merely the freeing of our target, Ms McGonagall." Because lord knows what would happen if McGonagall was convicted. Part of her was thinking that Hinoto-Ri would collapse from the sheer magnitude of losing an important figure to some petty French court.

"You're not thinking of taking the bench on your own, are you?"
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Takakage smiled faintly, though it was hard to tell what that smile exactly meant.

"No, I am not." He tilted his head in what could be interpreted as a shake. "It is against protocol, and we must tread carefully. This is a foreign world, after all."

"The rescue of Miss McGonagall is extremely vital. As someone who cannot argue in court, I think it best for me to assist in the process as much as possible. A murder is one of the most macabre of puzzles... and one which I would dearly love to reason out a solution."
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"Foreign to you perhaps, but this is my world" replied Franziska curtly. "If you are indeed, not versed in the procedures of court, then I advise you to leave this to those who are and stay in the gallery."

aka everyone who has a proper badge to do this, which there are a few from Hinoto-Ri.

"This goes for all of you who are prone to... not controlling yourselves" side eyes at eikichi. "I will not have penalties handed against us while I am here, especially not in France."
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The strategist's smile fades. While his tone is still calm, it was firmer than before.

"You misunderstand, Miss Franziska." He shakes his head. "I merely seek to help everyone gain a full understanding of the clues we have gathered so far. If we can form a solid argument for the defense, then our task will be much easier."

There is a pause.

"Analysis is my forte, and I wish to use it to help the best I can."
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"Well, you would make a better defense lawyer than some people I know, at any rate."

Looking at you, Phoenix Wright.
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Takakage nodded, now sounding slightly pleased.

"Thank you."

A pause.

"Might you have any theories of your own?"
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Please don't mind Eikichi standing a little away from the lady, after she whipped him last time. At this point, being silent seemed like the most useful idea.
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Dual Destinies spoiler warning (just to be safe!)

[personal profile] spiritofjustice 2014-05-21 02:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[Bobby isn't doing a lot of mingling today. If anything, he's retreated into a quiet corner with a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other. Upon closer inspection, it should become clear that it's an English-French dictionary. When in Paris...

Not that he's nervous about the trial. Of course not. He doesn't get nervous. He is, however, keeping his guard up. It's been pretty much confirmed that this version of Earth is the one he and his 'companions' are from. A bit of investigation led to him finding out exactly what the date is. Needless to say, he needs to keep a low profile.

Not that he's not up for some chatting, of course! Justice never sleeps and we're all champions of righteousness here.]
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[Shelly did some investigation of his own, and now he's here to watch the trial unfold. He has many reasons to be interested in murder cases; the fact that this appears to be his very own world only helps.

(It also serves to annoy him, from time to time. It seems the police force in France is no more competent than California's. Something to keep in mind in case he's ever to do business here, yes, but it's disappointing as well.)

The same world, similar laws and a suspiciously similar courtroom... years in the future, it seems. He wonders how things may have changed since then.

Of course, others may find it strange that a friendly old baker is here. If anyone asks, he'll gladly dodge the subject.]
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Court in Session (Defense Team)

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"Court is now in session."

The man presiding over the court coughs slightly to himself and adjusts his wig as he turns towards the defense.

"So... I am told these American lawyers have taken up interest in this little case? Quite unusual, but the defendant has most strongly expressed that she will accept none other than the firm of the infamous Mr. Phoenix Wright. ...We have heard of your talent here, certainly, and we are quite pleased to see your little tricks in action."

He smiles kindly for a brief moment before his expression grows stern.

"But see that you conduct yourselves in the proper manner. There are to be no outbursts at random, no stalling for the time, no personal attacks against our prosecutor or the witnesses. Those are tricks we do not accept kindly in our courts."

He bangs his gavel.

"Now, then. Is the defense ready?"
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Little tricks.... Athena couldn't help to feel irritated by that, but she reminded herself that she had to keep a calm head right now. There was a lot weighing on her. Besides, she did have Widget if she ever had to rely on it sometime down the road. Reminding herself to refrain from saying anything, she listened carefully. She may be in trouble, seeming as bluffing kind of rubbed off on her from the boss and Apollo's "I'm fine" stuck to her.

At first, Athena didn't respond, but realizing that was her cue, "Oh! Yes! The defense is ready!"
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"Excellent. The prosecution is represented by Monsieur Benjamin Hunter, who is also quite eager to witness your talent."

He gazes down towards the other side of the court

"If the prosecution is ready, you may call the first witness."
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The man behind the prosecutor's bench smirks, and bows slightly.

"The prosecution is of course ready, Your Honor. I am quite eager to see how the lawyers of such an esteemed firm perform - though I fear they will not be able to pull off one of their legendarily miraculous wins here."

He straightens, and folds his hands neatly behind him. "The prosecution wishes to call Chief Inspector Otto Gaffe to the stand."
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"Very well."

The judge bangs his gavel.

"Chief Inspector Otto Gaffe - please take the stand."

((How this will work:
Each statement will be presented in a different comment and may be 'Pressed' by anyone on the defense team as many times as desired. Simply respond to that comment with a question. When a contradiction to a piece of evidence is found, the defense team should confer and agree and make a new response to the end of the testimony with their objection, which statement they object to, and the piece of evidence they are presenting. It may be helpful for the players to confer with each other to determine what the contradiction is.

The first testimony will have no contradiction and will be simply a warm-up for pressing.))
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Chief Inspector Otto Gaffe's Testimony

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As the chief inspector approaches, he smiles broadly at the defense team.

"We meet again! But it will not go so easy on you, I fear. The case is clear as day. It is nothing more than a matter of formality. It is impossible to deny that the woman has no business being here!"
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Statement 1

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"Madame Minerva McGonagall, she says? Pah! An alias! No identification papers, no proof of entry, no legal right to be within France whatsoever! The accent is faked - doubtless she is an agent of the spies of Mongolia or the Ukraine."
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[personal profile] stringent 2014-05-23 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
"And what proof do you have the accent is faked?"

And here is Franziska, stepping in while glaring all the while at Benjamin Hunter.
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[personal profile] turnaboutnpcs 2014-05-24 03:57 am (UTC)(link)
Glare all you want, he's gonna keep that smirk to him.

"Considering Madame McGonagall has no papers or proof of entry, it is for the defense to prove otherwise."

He opened one of the fancy television windows so the court could see more clearly.

"As seen here, we have found no trace of anyone within all of Europe with that particular name that isn't accounted for. The name is clearly an alias."
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[personal profile] stringent 2014-05-24 04:04 am (UTC)(link)
"So the famous French prosecution service only has access to European databases? Pity, what a pity."
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[personal profile] turnaboutnpcs 2014-05-24 04:25 am (UTC)(link)
He shakes his head, seeing that one coming.

"Non, mademoiselle," he punched a few more things into the computer. "But she claimed to be from Europe. If we search the worldwide database we do get more results, but obtaining verified data for all of them will take some time...and regardless, it implies she has been lying about the whole affair. Why should we waste money on a worldwide research?"
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[personal profile] stringent 2014-05-25 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
Sigh. She would really press this point but it is time to let it go.

"Because you are a foolishly foolish fool..." she murmured angrily, mostly to herself.
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Statement 2

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"The messieurs do not wish to reveal their secrets, but, ah, we do have some barebones details about the machinations. Rest assured that sabotage would result in the injuries to which poor Cachou Anise succumbed."
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Statement 3

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"Here is the twist! The props were routinely examined every night immediately prior to being brought out on stage! Ergo, there were only three people who had the means to carry out this crime."
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[personal profile] jonathandammit 2014-05-22 01:34 pm (UTC)(link)
"And who carries out the examinations?"

Hi. Jonathan is Trying To Help, he swears.
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[personal profile] turnaboutnpcs 2014-05-22 02:40 pm (UTC)(link)
"Mademoiselle Anise, of course, she being the one most at risk. But alas, she cannot give testimony. But there are stagehands also - three loyal workers with the troupe for years! Each of them has attested in writing that it was in working order before they approved its use."
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Statement 4

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"Monsieur Tic, Monsieur Tac, and Minerva McGonagall. ...Ah, pardon - the woman who calls herself Minerva McGonagall."
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Statement 5

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"Motive? It is obvious! She is sent by a rival magician to destroy our beloved Tic and Tac and to throw all of France into chaos! All will be clear when we establish identity. We match her prints to databases around the world as we speak."