May. 20th, 2014

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The murder of Cachou Anise has resonated throughout all of France... The assistant to the most renowned magicians in the entire world, she was also a celebrity in her own right as a model and a fashionista. The people of Paris are demanding blood.

An elderly British woman calling herself Minerva McGonagall is the prime suspect. Lacking any identification papers whatsoever, her presence at the scene of the crime is highly suspicious. She claims to have gotten lost within the building, but it is apparent that someone deliberately sabotaged the infamous Curtain Trick to cause the death of Anise. There's no known motive for this crime - but of course, that's what the trial is for.

The consequence for premeditated murder is execution. Defend Minerva McGonagall, find the real culprit, and return safely to the city of Hinoto-Ri.

The Court is Now in Session...

Clues So Far
Notes on the Crime Scene
Notes on the Victim
A Strange Item

((This section is primarily for the Defense Team, although there is a pre-court mingle where everyone can discuss. Investigation Team, please continue tagging the previous post as not all the clues have been found yet, and will be important for this section, but we need to try to proceed!))



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