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backdated to the 11th

Who: The Strings KH Contingent
Where: Pisces Apartments, floor five common area
Summary: Roxas (and Terra) brought home a stray, is he responsible enough to feed and care for an amnesiac destined to bring the worlds to ruin?
Warnings: Spoilers maybe, but that's it

It was hard to stay unconscious when being jostled around, but all he really got from it were flashes of movement, scenes that didn't stay fixed in his mind long enough to really register where they were from. The sensation of being carried was strange, and he gripped on slightly at the odd feeling.

Where... where...

A big building loomed up out of nowhere. More movements, bumping. The feeling of upward motion... pressing down on him. Closed his eyes... voluntarily, at least. It was hard to keep them open.

Faces. Other people. Voices. Probably talking about him. Something soft, and he finally was still. Soft all around. He curled up slightly, attempting to burrow away in it, letting his mind ease.

Safety. Unconsciousness was all too quick. His body relaxed into the grip of slumber.
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After initial hubbub, handwaving a couple things, if it's not all right, lemme know, open

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It was awkward, the whole situation, especially if Aqua's and Terra's reactions were anything to go by. Not to mention Roxas running about the city unsupervised. Maybe - maybe she was being a little overprotective of her younger best friend... but when you compounded on the news of what happened to Lea before arriving here, she was very worried about her friends.

But regardless, there was now the issue of an unconscious silver-haired Terra lookalike unconscious in the living room of Floor 5. Xion could certainly sympathize with the whole lookalike concept.

Perhaps that's why she ran upstairs, grabbed one of the blankets off her bed and brought it down to spread over the unconscious stranger before settling down on a nearby couch, watching both him and anyone else nearby. She wouldn't mind the distraction from the awkward silence, if anybody wished to speak with her.
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Awwww yeaaaaaahhhh /o/

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The sound of the stranger moving, stirring, and ultimately speaking startled Xion. "Oh!"

She turned to look at him, sitting upright. She still didn't know what to think, who this person was, why they looked like Terra and so on, but they didn't seem that dangerous or threatening - if anything they seemed as confused as she.

"Hey. Um... Are you okay?" she asked, tilting her head a little.
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"Okay... you're not hurt or cold or anything?"

She wasn't sure how much she could help the cold if the blanket wasn't enough. Maybe she could go down to the ground floors and get a hot chocolate or something?

She shifted a little in her own seat, a little unsure how to proceed. Obviously the usual routine information about Hinoto-Ri would likely need to be answered, and questions asked - what did you remember last, what do you remember from your meeting Philemon - but those could wait until he actually seemed up to answering them.

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Sometimes later, idek, I hope this is okay? orz (Also sorry, for the late)

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Riku doesn't know anything about any awkward situations; he's got no idea about the most recent arrival even, really... not until he climbs up the stairs towards his apartment and feels a somehow very familiar scent wash over him, one that has him freeze in place for a second, before he jerks himself out of his stupor and runs towards the source; lips pressing together-

He doesn't really care about any damage he causes to the door he is pushing open none gently - he has no time to care about that, how could he when that scent is-

Aaaaaaaaand then he stops in his tracks when he spots-

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It's fine, see I'm late too.

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Xion's head shot up when the door burst open, eyes wide as she stared in slight alarm at the person who ran through it.

"Riku?" she sounded surprised, though the expression on his face was a fairly big indicator that something was not right. "What..." She bit her lip, looking to Xehanort and back again. "...what's wrong?"

Had she misjudged the situation somehow? Part of her wanted to explain, but if she was right and there really was something wrong, she didn't want him to have to take the fall. He literally would have had no idea.
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...Well. She looks all right. Not hurt, not like alert in any way that might suggest an enemy nearby.

Still, given that smell he just can't relax. Not until he knows the-

That moment he catches sight of the man lying on the couch, frowning deeply when he recognizes... certain similarities.

"...Who is that?"
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With his 'cargo' now safely placed on the couch and clearly not waking up any time soon, Terra takes a few steps back, trying to collect his own racing thoughts and figure out a way to explain without inciting panic or sounding crazy.

One or the other would be good, but both would be preferable.

He knows he owes Roxas an explanation; the kid had already brought how similar he and the unconscious man looked. What were the chances that no one else would notice?

He closes his eyes, lets out a quiet breath, and hangs his head. He can feel his own panic starting to rise, and that... won't be of any help here.
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(1/2) Bro, what did I tell you about bringing stray pu-

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She'd noticed the change long before they arrived. Something had been... off about what was going on when she realized more newcomers had arrived. For a moment she couldn't quite put a finger on it, but then she realized it. This presence, it felt familiar. Too familiar. So she called Eudora forth, trying to see if she could sense it clearer through her Persona's eyes.

No amount of "what in the underworld-" would cover what her "eyes" could see.

There... were two. She could count to two on Terra, and something about the second sent chills down her spine. So when she realized that and the fact it seemed as though Roxas--when did he get here; with them, too?--and Terra coming with this presence, she began running down the stairs until she made it to the fifth floor.

"Terra? What's-"
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No, that's... really all she's got. Because she knows that look. That hair, that blend of heart far too well since she lived with half (actually two-thirds but SHE DOES NOT KNOW THIS YET) of that blend of hearts for most of her life. Oh crap.


Yeah, she's just going to go over to the corner where the adult conversations are going to take place. Just sitting down over there, rather hard. DON'T MIND HER AND HER BRAIN BREAK.
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Well, that didn't take long.

Terra looks up as soon as he feels Aqua enter the room, and his mood sinks further upon seeing her reaction. It didn't surprise him, really.

He looks back away, his expression as closed-off as he can manage it. But before long, he speaks up, figuring that someone at least owes her an explanation. "... Roxas found him collapsed in the road. I... helped bring him here."

He dares not ask whether the seal on the evenly merged heart is in place. Not yet.
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Brainbreak discussion goes here - Terra, Aqua, Lea, and Riku(?)

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It was pretty much agreed that answers and a plan of action were needed before anyone (especially himself) did anything they would regret later.

Terra is the first to leave the living room; he couldn't think, and he felt like he was on the verge of losing his composure. Really, it was a miracle he hadn't already done so.

This explanation was going to bring up a number of bad memories - not only for himself, but likely for everyone involved. He just hoped he could get through it without actually stalling.
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Lea really didn't like elevators, and somehow the idea of using corridors for paltry reasons just felt like tempting fate anymore. And so he'd gotten into the habit of just taking the stairs. Sure, living on the eighth floor meant it was a little more legwork than he really liked to partake in, but... well it was good exercise or something, at least. Maybe he would finally deign to wear shorts this summer.

As he crested the stairs to the fifth floor, however, he was met with an unexpected pow-wow in the common area. He nearly collided with Terra by the stairs--"Ah!"--and caught himself on the railing, turning to see Aqua sort of hunkered down in the far corner. There was a figure on the sofa as well, and Lea felt a lance of unease snake through his gut at the sight of the silvery hair.

That wasn't Riku.

Something was fishy here.

"Am I late to the party?" he asked, giving Terra an unsettled, if curious, look.
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"...Only a little bit," Aqua muttered under her breath as she tried to tease while her mind was reeling. It was him... It was him just before she fell into the darkness, Aqua was certain of it. If she was wrong, then it was likely that he wasn't from too long after she had--

She had left the worlds without any sort of defender, let darkness that had nearly taken her home between light and dark destroy so many worlds as she fought on the other side for her life... It was only Riku's words back in dreams that kept her from completely losing it both back then and now. She should probably get out of the corner soon, but just let her piece her brain back together a couple more moments. Somehow, there's a feeling that she'll have to scan him soon.

"Hello, Lea."
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"Woah--" Moving away from the stairwell now, if only to avoid any more near-collisions with people coming up the stairs. He blinks, relaxes a bit when he sees that it's just Lea, and takes a position on the wall next to the stairwell. "You haven't missed anything."

His gaze goes from Lea to Aqua briefly, concern entering his expression. He was having a hard enough keeping himself outwardly calm; Aqua looked like she was still trying to pull herself together. "...are you going to be okay?"
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Lea clicked his tongue. "We've got to work on our party line," he said; "I hate to be late unless it's fashionable."

His gaze moved from Terra to Aqua and then back again before he leaned his hip against the railing and folded his arms. Yes, something was definitely fishy here. He didn't know either of them very well, but it didn't take a genius to figure out that something was seriously unnerving the both of them, and he had a feeling it had everything to do with the figure on the couch.

He lifted his chin a bit. "Who's the stray?" he asked, a tone in his voice that suggested he had half a crazy idea. He didn't know if either of them knew who Xemnas was, it hadn't come up. Nor did he know what could have possibly happened that would put him in a position to be visibly indisposed on a sofa, but he supposed stranger things had happened.
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"Well, since the guest of honor's still..." you know, unconscious. She glances over at Terra-Xehanort, inwardly tensing up as she nods. "I'll be fine; it's just a shock."

Why in the seven hells would they... want him here... Aqua sighs, moving to stand once again. There's quite a lot of mixed feelings, considering who he was. It was almost like rediscovering Castle Oblivion in Promenade all over again, having to tell Terra and Ven of its origins.

Her voice was just above a whisper when she admitted it: "Xehanort, though if mine and Eudora's senses aren't lying... he likely won't remember when he wakes up again."

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Saying that this would be awkward as all hell was definitely going to be an understatement, especially after what was just revealed as truth not long ago. What was in store for them all back in their own worlds. Still, it would be unfair of them to simply ignore the situation and let the darkness fester within him. Thus, she approached him on the couch, kneeling down to his level for a moment.

"Hey... are you alright?"
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She offered a faint smile at that. Well, it was a start... Though she wondered, was this how he was before shit hit the fan?

"I'm glad. You had us worried, you know?" If there was a hint of teasing, it's drowned out by concern.
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Oh, how could she explain this one? 'Oh, you kind of choked me shortly before I fell into a very dark place' wasn't the best choice of words. It wouldn't even sound like her if she did say it. So instead, she nodded once.

"We met once. At least, we did in my time. This place is... strange, calling us from different points in time and space." Better to stick with the truth. "But that doesn't mean much with us. My friends and I are the kind of people who care about anyone we come across."

Except Vanitas, Maleficent, and Pete. They are basically the exceptions to the rule.

"...You don't remember?"

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