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Who: The Visitors (Open Log)
Where: Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius, and Taurus wards.
Summary: The Zodiac Monster Circus has arrived!
When: 19th of April, 11AC
Warnings: Evil clowns, body horror, terrifying circus-themed monstrosities.

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Who: Anyone
Where: Capricorn Park
When: The 13th of January
Summary: A celebration
Warnings: Stay away if you are allergic to celebrations and fun.

In a city where the mortality rate is determined by the whims of demons and danger, those that manage to survive until they are 20 and enter the adult age are to be celebrated, just as the child festival two months ago. Last year the month of January was marked by a Grand Prix destroyed by the Anoli. This year the mayor had wisely decided to pool the city’s budget into something a little more quiet, refined, yet full of the hospitality and jubilation that only Hinoto-Ri could offer. They were a proud people, for better or worse. Despite all of the ills thrown at them, they continued to survive.

The park was illuminated by bright orange lanterns and white lights on every tree, both representing hope for the future… and all the lives that had been lost last year.

The young adults going to celebrate Seijin no hi were wearing outfits either bought or borrowed. Females were decked in furisode, the white fur coats draped over their outfits to provide warmth. The males were dressed for the most part in traditional hakama, but a few wore the suit and tie business combo. If someone from the visitors was reaching twenty this year or last year, they were invited to join as well. It didn’t matter that upon returning those ages might be lost, this celebration was open to all. When the snow started to really fall later during the evening, participants were handed white umbrellas.

With the children becoming adults, there was much more emphasis on adult food and games; you might get lucky and win a bottle of sake by playing a ring toss, or even Japanese beer (of course this was only opened to those above 20). For those a little lower age, there was apple and grape sparkling drinks.

More traditional games were lined up as well including the popular goldfish scooping and bobbing for apples. Tables for chess, Japanese mahjong and go were set up close to the park, as elders and the new adults faced off. Crowds gathered to see how they would do and once in a while a group would clap in glee when the younger emerged triumphant. It was a sign of good luck for years to come.

Later that night there was to be a talk by the city officials and priests, as well as a concert, that was going to be hosted by one of the visitor's own.

And for one of the rare times, the feeling was that of peace and quiet. Maybe things were looking up after all that work you’d all been doing.

[OOC NOTE: Open post mingle log! Start your own threads or join the ones that will be opened up by the moderators. There are links for some of the descriptions you'll have an easier time seeing them if you click on the post. Thank you, and have fun!]
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▼ A Feast of Shadows
Who: Anyone
Where: All over the city
When: December 16-20
Summary: The Shadow Event has begun! Follow the link for the event summary and post your threads here if you want. You're still free to make network posts of your own if you'd rather do that, though!
Warnings: Characters' darkest and most shameful secrets within, along with plenty of combat. Please mark any threads that will contain triggering content appropriately, since some characters have darker secrets than others.
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⊙ The Gift of Forever
Who: Open to everyone who wants to go (along with the rescue teams who do not know they are rescuing right now)
Where: The Overworld
Summary: A Call to another world turns into an unexpected reunion and rescue
Warnings: Dragon Warriors
EVENT INFO: Read about it here if you're a newcomer!

The Adventure Begins...Now )
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Who: Anyone
Where: Around the city and in the apartments
When: November 15-18
Summary: Little kids everywhere!  Also the power grid is on the fritz.
Warnings: Hopefully none!

With the network and the city's electricity once again malfunctioning, the power to most of the city has either been knocked out or is malfunctioning.  And since inconvenient things rarely happen in a vacuum in Hinoto-Ri, a portion of the city has also been affected by some strange new curse, reverting to childlike forms.  Business in and around the city has ground to a standstill due to the power problems, and without functioning heat in the apartments, extra blankets and huddling together for warmth are the order of the day.  It's still possible to go outside as the government hasn't imposed any additional curfews, and the demons during the 13th Hour are as active as ever, but some people may just want to ride this out until everything is back to normal.

((OOC: Feel free to make your own top-level comments either mingling in your apartments or out and about in town.  The child event effects are in full swing, and taking place concurrent with the blackout from November 15th through the 18th.  Please label your posts with your character's name and location.  We apologize for the slight lateness of this log!))
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▼ Shichi-Go-San
Who: Anyone
Where: Capricorn Park
When: The 15th of November-18th!
Summary: A strange feeling, a message sent out and darkness falls.
Warnings: Stay away if you are allergic to celebrations and fun. ...Or demons.

Let the child in you come forth... )

[Open post mingle log! The child effects will be happening tonight after a network post, so enjoy your last relaxing day!]
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Who: Everyone (guests and non-guests alike)
Where: Geartopia
Summary: Party at the Thirsty Mare Tavern for booze and dancing and everyone's invited!
Warnings: Cowboys and Gears and Parties and Booze but mostly Booze
EVENT INFO: Read about it here if you're a new comer!

Night Falls... )
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Atop the 4th Wall

Who: Open to all, even those not going to Geartopia.
Where: Magic Building, then to unknown worlds.
Summary: Event Start!
Warnings: Gears. Gears everywhere.

From one city into another... )
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Who: Anyone
Where: Everywhere. Please mark your threads accordingly
Summary: Saturday night, and Trihardo flares up for everyone
Warnings: Depends who shows up.
Music: ???

Take a Bite out of Crime! )
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Who: Open to all!
Where: Every District
When: 13th Hour
Summary: It's time for an end to Truthiness.

I can feel it in the air tonight... )

ooc:have at it, folks!
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Who: Everyone interested in .~*STARS*~.
Where: Sagittarius labs; topmost floor.
Summary: The renamed Ophiuchus Observatory has been opened to the public, as well as volunteers willing to scan the heavens. Perhaps the answer to the Zodiac Effect truly does lie within the stars...?
Music: LAW
Warnings: Space, also science.
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The ceremony for the unveiling of the Grand Prix memorial goes off without a hitch; it was a small event, in that it wasn't much of an event at all. It took place in the morning and the early afternoon of the 15th. The Mayor showed up to give a speech in honor of the dead, which everyone agreed dragged on for a minute too long. His secretary and the law enforcement were honored once more in what they could do, then they lamented what they could not, and members of the grieving families were allowed front and foremost positions during the whole affair. Security was tight, for fear of retaliation, but nothing came.

The monument itself was elegant in its simplicity: a wall on the outside of the stadium had been put aside for it, the material replaced with something akin to black marble, and the names of all of the deceased listed along its surface. At the top, in the center of the wall was an engraving of a lion, its fangs bared not in hostility, but protection; and just underneath it was Bunrakuken Karube's name, along with his tournament title, praising him as the Invincible Champion of the Persona Grand Prix.

All in all, a rather mundane proceeding, though sobering for the populace. It was broadcasted on the airwaves live, and there was hardly even a hair out of place. The entire city thereafter seemed to be rather quiet that afternoon; the concert revived the life of its crowd, but even the 13th Hour seemed to be less abuzz than normal for the districts away from the music. Though the hour picked up back to its regular pace as the night wore on.

What was really interesting, now, was what happened afterwards. )

I, Lovebot

Feb. 14th, 2013 05:18 am
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Who: Cupidman, and all of Hinoto-Ri!
Where: Literally anywhere you want. Note the location in your comment!
Summary: Valentine's Day Shenanigans of Ridiculous Caliber
Warnings: Mind-alteration, ludicrous amounts of sap
Love is in the air, but not how you would expect... )

Ad Turrim

Feb. 8th, 2013 06:21 pm
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Ad Turrim

Who: Open to everyone who is going, but those who aren't also get to share a dream.
Where: ?????
Summary: ????
Warnings: Strange things, dreams, horror, confusion

Esse sicut turris firmiter supponenda; quatit non cacumen eius pro aliquo turbinis percussionibus. )



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